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I suspect you are asking how do you replace disc brake pads....I also suspect you are having trouble pushing back the caliper piston so you can refit the caliper with the new thicker pads. You have no doubt tried to push the caliper back as in a conventional style front caliper and have found a lot of resistance. This is due to the mechanism associated with the park brake actuator. You should have a proper tool that allows you to push and also turn the piston so it "threads" its way back into the might be able to push and turn with a rigged up C clamp but you stand a good chance of messing things up without the proper tool. There is an aftermarket tool that fits a lot of caliper pistons that sells for about five dollars and saves a lot of grief. You will likely notice a couple of little indents on the piston...this is where the tool fits to enable turning while pushing. Hope this info helps... Ian Hamilton..New Brunswick Community College Automotive Department. Moncton NB Canada

I used a c clamp and a pair of channel lock pliers to do this job. First attach the c clamp to the caliper tightly. Don't try to turn, because it won't. Next, grap your pliers and turn the piston clockwise,be sure not to grab the rubber bushing or your caliper may start to leak from a puncture. As you turn, the c clamp will loosen. Stop turning and tighten the c clamp. Keep alternating between turning with the pliers and tightening the c clamp until the piston goes back in. You can use this method if you don't want to pay for the cheap tool, or if you have already started and your car is disassembled and you can't drive to the parts store.

This second answer was a life-saver and worked like a champ. I live in Guam and the "special tool" would have either not been available or cost me a Hundred Bucks. I bent the handle on my C-clamp and my son was starting to think I didn't know what I was doing. After nothing more than a little grease on the keyboard, we got his car back up and running in no time. Many Thanks!!!! Frank

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Q: How do you change rear disc brakes on 1999 Ford Taurus?
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