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How do you change the alternator on a 1994 Saturn SC 2?

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You will need to remove the passenger front tire and take apart the plastic splash guards to get to the alternator. Loosen the serpentine belt tensioner and remove the belt. Disconnect the negative battery terminal or you will get sparks when removing the wires from the alternator. Now crawl under the car and remove the plastic cover from the alternator, I think it is a 10mm bolt, then disconnect the wires from the alternator, one plug-in connector and I believe one wire held on by a 10mm nut. Now for the real fun, you will need a pair of wrenches, or a ratchet and a wrench to remove the nut from the lower mounting bolt on the alternator, remove the bolt. The upper mounting bolt is not so easy to get too, but a lot of swearing and small hands will find it, add a little patience and it will eventually come all the way out. When both mounting bolts are out you will find the alternator will pivot on the lower mount, wiggle it until it comes off the lower mounting bracket. The alternator will only come out of the engine bay via the passenger wheel well, just rotate it until it looks right and pull it out. Installation is the same process in reverse. Good luck

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What is the Stock rim size for a 1994 Saturn sc?

8/1 is the stock rim size for a 1994 Saturn sc

What was the new car price of a 1994 Saturn SC II?

It sold new for $12,895.

Where is radiator drainplug located94saturn SC?

A 1994 Saturn SC may not even have a radiator drainplug. In order to find out if the 94 Saturn does have a radiator drainplug, a person can take off the lower hose to see, or look in the car's manuel.

How do you replace a water pump 4 a 1994 SATURN sc series L4 1.9 lf?

See replated links below

What the biggest rims to fit on Saturn sc?

The biggest rim size that can fit on a Saturn sc is size 22 inch

What causes a 1994 Saturn SC to fail emissions test?

Either catalytic converter or EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system issues.

Why does battery light stay on in 1993 400 SC Lexus?

Likely the battery or alternator, but probably the alternator

Does a Saturn sc 3door have fuel reset switch?


What is the freon capacity of a 98 sc2 Saturn?

Saturn sc takes 1.5 pounds of R134a

How do you change the headlight of a 1996 Saturn SC?

If it is an SC2 the lights have to be flipped up and you have to have a torque screwdriver to get the light out. Be careful not to take out the WRONG screws.

How can you check the ATS on a 92 Saturn sc?

Define ATS

How do you change the speaker in front of Saturn Sc 1 1999?

You need to remove the Interior door panel. From there you can gain access to the speaker and replace it as needed.

Why does your 1998 Saturn sc-2 eat up batteries?

Check the alternator. If the voltage is too high it will overcharge the battery and destroy it. If the voltage is too low the battery will discharge and could be mistaken for a destroyed battery.

Where is the fuel filter on a 2001 Saturn SC 1?

The fuel pump for the 2001 Saturn SC1 is in the gas tank

What size gas tanks does a 1993 Saturn sc have?

12.8 Gallons

Where is the Fuel Pump on a 2001 Saturn SC?

it's in the gas tank

Where is the downstream o2 sensor located on a 1999 Saturn SC?

It is in the exhaust after the converter.

How many quarts of oil does a 2001 Saturn sc hold?

4.5 qts

How do you change a clutch for a Saturn sc-1?

Refer here for a full clutch replacement procedure:

What is Regulation of alternator by synchronous impedance method?

It is conducting OC and SC tests on the given three phase alternator and determining the regulation by synchronous impedance method.

How do you adjust the timing 2001 Saturn SC1?

All vehicles without a distributor (which Saturn sc is one)can not have there timing adjusted(done by the computer).

Saturn sc oil capacity?

The oil capacity for the Saturn 1.9L engine is 4 quarts. The owners manual recommends 5W-30.

Where is the master cylinder on a 92 Saturn sc manual trans.?

Firewall, driver's side.

Will a 1992 Saturn SC radiator cross match with a 1999 Mitsubishi Gallant?

Definetly not.

Saturn SC 1 needs a valve adjustment?

Valves are hydraulic and cannot be adjusted

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