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How do you change the clock light bulb on a 2000 accord?

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September 13, 2011 12:19AM

Check out this URL someone put together. Remember, the bulb is a dealer only part. Good luck!



Quote: "Remember, the bulb is a dealer only part." Not true, there is nothing special about this bulb....I picked up a pair of them at the local Radio Shack store. You will have to wind the wire leads around the mount however, then trim off the excess

Use a thin-bladed instrument (even a butter knife will work) to pry the clock/hazard flasher button out from the bottom; disconnect 2 connectors, then you will see the light and how it's removed and installed. To reassemble, just reverse steps. I've had to do this 3 times. And it IS a dealer-only part, and it's only $2 or so. And you don't have to modify it.

Radio Shack Part Number:

#7219: "Micro Lamp"

(Radio shack internal SKU?) 272-1092

UPC: 0_40293_12132_7


This is the one that requires you to take the lamp out of the plastic lamp base, and rethread and trim the lamp leads once replaced.