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How do you change the clock light in a 2001 Honda Accord?

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2015-07-15 18:21:17
2015-07-15 18:21:17

I just removed the clock lamp from my 2001 Honda Accord. The clock assembly is removed from the dash by simply sliding a thin flat screwdriver (or similar device) at the bottom of the assembly and gently pry it up and out. Two cables are attached which don't need to be removed but the job is easier if you do. Both cable connectors are easy to remove without tool. Depress the release latch and separate the connectors. The lamp resides very visibly on the circuit board (do not remove circuit board. Using a small (approx. 3/16 in) turn the lamp 1/4 turn CCW and lift out. FYI, while the cables are detached from the assembly the turn signals and emergency flashers are disabled.

You can also use a plastic hotel key or credit card to remove the clock. Just slide into the bottom lip of the clock and gently pop the bottom of the clock out. Then just pull on the clock.

Check the link to 01 Accord

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