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I did this same exact thing just a few weeks ago. Remove the old intake system first (big black box and tube that connects to air filter). I believe the box is held down by 3 bolts. Take off the air filter(rectangular green filter). Now's the tricky part. Disconnect O2 sensor and all plugs that are attached to throttle body. There's a VERY small bolt in the back of the throttle body that is holding the bottom portion of the intake onto the throttle body with a circle clamp(kinda like the one you got in the box with your new intake). That took me about half an hour to find and take off, easiest thing is to use a flash light, look around in the back, and also feel around. Once you get that off the rest of the intake should come off pretty easily. Next fit the intake pipe onto the throttle body using the blue silicon connector(the one that starts wide and gets skinnier) with 2 circle clamps. The skinny side goes on the throttle body. Then put the lower end of the intake on(this is the L shaped half). Make sure it fits down near your wheel well. If you want it to truly be a cold air then you need to lift the car and fit the filter on the pipe from under the car. Personally, i used a hacksaw to cut half the pipe away so that it fits where the old intake was. Now plug the O2 sensor and make a bypass with the black rubber tube to the engine. I know this isn't too descriptive, but that's basically how you do it. Here's a pic of what mine looks like:;_ylt=AkcQOkXOlE_OrYoH2u0EeFnMdscF

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my mom

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You must open the clam-shell intake manifold and there you will find the injector system. You should replace the entire system as it has many issues and can be acquired at "Dr. Injector" on the web. It is about $180.00. Additionaly, the intake manifold gasgets on these cars were not good and even worse, the original factory anitfreeze damaged them further. So it wouild be a good idea to pull the entire plenum and do that work also. There are many Jimmy discussion boards on both of these issues.

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