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How do you change the fan clutch on a Chevy S-10?


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Remove the fan shroud, there are 7 10mm bolts holding it on 3 along the top, then 2 on each side. If you have AC then you will need to inbolt a bracket that holds the hoses down. That is located right on top. You should be able to then pull the shroud up and out, it is tight. After that you remove the 4 13mm nuts holding the clutch to the water pump. After they are all removed you can pull the clutch and fan off the front of the engine. Then all you have to do is swap the fan to the new clutch and reverse the prosess.

ok the part up ^ is mostly correct. there is also a larger nut that holds the fan onto the water pump in the center. its pretty easy to see if you already got the other 13mm bolts off, but you have to remove that nut as well and it spins the pulley in the water pump. which means you need to get someone to put tension on the belt or get something so that the water pump pulley does not move.


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The fan clutch on a 1997 S10 has a bolt on the center of the front. Remove the bolt while holding the clutch still. There is a special tool to grab the clutch fan from the rear to hold it while removing the bolt.

A bad fan clutch, low on coolant, missing fan shroud, bad thermostat or a plugged up radiator.

That would be a clutch fan hub and bearing assembly.

There are only a few bolts holding the fan on the engine, pull it out then unbolt the clutch from the fan, replace the part and then bolt the fan back on to the engine.

you have to remove the cooling fan to change the fan clutch. you need to loosen the fan shroud, be careful to remember the serpenting belp routing, maybe draw a diagram to remind you. 4 bolts holding the fan to the water pump, 4 bolts holding the clutch to the fan. this is how i did mine on a 5.0l Chevy truck

Turn the large nut loose (1 7/16") by turning it counterclockwise then spin the fan and fan clutch off as an assembly. Separate the fan from the clutch on the bench.

If the fan runs more than it needs to to keep the engine cool then it is robbing a bit of power to spin the fan.

Usually there are 4 nuts holding the clutch and fan on to the water pump shaft. Just pull the nuts, remove the fan clutch and replace it.

How do you change a fan clutch on a 1991 bmw528i?

When the clutch fan locks up it makes a sound like a propeller on a airplane and the more you rev the engine the louder it gets.

Low on coolant, stuck thermostat, faulty fan clutch, plugged radiator inside, plugged radiator outside,

To remove the fan clutch on a Chevy Tahoe, the upper fan shroud must first be removed. Once removed, a tool is needed to hold the clutch in place to allow for the fan to be removed. The nuts must be unscrewed on the fan in a counterclockwise rotation. Remove the nuts on all side and the fan clutch will remove.

The engine cooling fan clutch is froze/locked up, replace it.

The fan clutch and pulley are attached to it.

how do you replace fan belt on 95 Chevy S-10 2.2 engine

The 2000 Chevrolet Venture is front-wheel drive and shouldn't have a fan clutch. The fans are electric.

Yes it takes a 36mm wrench and a holder for the pulley to remove the fan clutch,

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I have a 2002 Chevrolet trail blazer the slip clutch is out was there a recall on them?

If the heater fan is not blowing on a 2001 Chevy S10 Pickup, it is possible that the fuse needs replacing. It is also possible that debris is interfering with the operation of the fan. Could also be, a faulty fan motor, a faulty fan motor speed resistor, a faulty fan motor switch,

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Unless the fan clutch is bad just remove it with the water pump. Otherwise it is a 36mm fan clutch wrench that most auto parts stores have for rent.

Low on coolant (leak in the system), Stuck closed thermostat, Faulty fan clutch, plugged up radiator (inside and/or outside), Bad head gasket,

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