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The gaskets on most oil filters is bonded to it and, while it may be possible replace it, it's probably cheaper and certainly easier just to buy a new filter with it's own new gasket attached.

If by 'oil filter housing' what is meant is what the oil filter is attached to on the engine, usually this is machined into the engine block and there is no gasket to remove unless the oil filter gasket has unbonded from the filter and stuck to the block.

depending on vehicle. I have a for 2003 Ford Exp. and it is mounted with 4 bolts. on the same mount there is an approx 2" hose ,coolant presumably, that attaches as well.

On a Jeep 4.0L for example, you use a t60 torx to remove the center bolt. You then replace the three o-rings and reinstall.

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Q: How do you change the gasket on the oil filter housing and is there anything that is behind it?
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How do you change the cabin filter on 2000 Honda Prelude?

You have to take the glove box right out, there is a filter housing behind it that is not visible with the glove box still in

How do you change a cabin filter on a 2005 Honda Civic?

It's behind the glovebox. open the glovebox and remove the retaining clips that prevent it from opening all the way. You can then see the filter housing behind the glovebox.

How do you change ac filter in your 2003 highlander?

Open and empty the glovebox - remove the restraints that keep it from falling down - drop the box to its lowest level and it will reveal the filter housing located right behind it - remove the filter housing and replace the filter - reassemble in reverse order.

How do you change the air filter on a 2002 Mercury Villager?

This is one of the most inane questions I have seen on this board. However, here it is. Locate the filter housing right behind the battery. loosen the clips(or bolts, depending on model year) around the housing. Lift the housing and remove the filter. Feeling really stupid yet???

1995 Geo Metro where is the air temper sensor at?

It is behind the throttle body on air filter housing. At 2 o'clock of the air filter housing,

Where is Honda odysey air filter?

Under the hood in the air filter housing. The cabin filter is behind the glove box.

Is there a air filter on a 94 Chevy Beretta 22 engine and if so where is it?

Yes it has a filter. Find the intake and follow the tube backward to the filter housing. The filter is inside this housing. Addition: The air filter housing is (when standing in front of the vehicle) directly behind the battery. There are 4 screws, one on each corner, on the housing that need removed to access the filter.

Where is the pollen on your vw sharan located?

The pollen filter is located under the bonnet behind the wiper control arms. To get to it you will need to take the panel off at the top of the engine bay to access the cavity behind the wiper arms, then simply pull out the filter and housing, remove the paper filter from the housing, insert new filter and replace housing and panel.

Where is the boost pressure solenoid filter on jeep liberty crd?

Pass side behind air filter housing

Where is the oil filter located on a Mercedes Benz e 300?

oil filter is located under hood behind the air filter housing.

How do you change a 2002 Buick air filter?

The 2002 Buick air filter housing is located on the top of the engine. Remove the air filter housing cover. The air filter simply lifts out. Drop a new air filter in and replace the air filter housing to its original position.

How to change Air filter on 2001 silverado?

loosen the screws on the square air filter housing under the hood. Move cover off housing. remove air filter.

Air filter change on vw polo 2003?

Remove the top to the air filter housing. The air filter housing can be found in the engine compartment. The air filter will easily lift out. Put the new air filter in.

How do you change 2005 Toyota Highlander cabin air filter?

Open the glove box. Press on the sides of the box and release it from the catches allowing it to drop down. This will expose the housing for the A/C-heater filter which is behind it.

How do i replace an oil filter housing?

depending on your vehicle, the housing is whear your oil filter screws into. remove oil filter and thi should reveal 3 or 4 bolts in the side of housing remove bolts should come off no problems replace seal behind housing reverse process

How do I change the fuel filter on a 1978 Chevrolet Impala?

It is usually in the carburetor. Take the fuel line off and unscrew the fitting. It should be sitting in the housing with a spring behind it.

Where is the fuel filter on a 1994 ford E350 7.3 diesel?

top center of engine under/behind air filter housing

99 f-350 when started smoke comes from an electrical connecter behind the fuel filter housing you were originally looking for a fuel leak This leak was detected as a puddle under the truck L?

Check for any electrical connecter behind the fuel filter housing. Check for bare wiring / shorts, exc. this may cause a short and been near the fuel filter housing it may cause fire. Be very careful and look for anything out of place/ or any thing advised.

Why would oil be in the air filter housing?

It's caused by engine blow by, there should be a filter in the housing that you can change. It's usually located on the side of the housing and it should have a hose running to the valve cover.

Leaking oil around the filter housing?

Which filter housing? Air filter, oil filter, fuel filter?

Where is the oil filter located on the 2012 Chevrolet Equinox 2.4 l engine?

This cartridge type oil filter housing is located just behind the dipstick. See sources and related links (below) to see the Equinox forum with a pictorial oil and filter change.

How do you remove oil filter on 2007 vw jetta?

The filter is in a filter housing. Remove the plug in the bottom of the housing. The filter housing is then loosened using a specific wrench for that housing type.

Where is the crankshaft sensor located on a 2002 Audi A4?

couple of inches behind oil filter housing

How can I find the ac acumulator on 2002 Plymouth Voyager?

Look under and behind the air filter housing.

Where is the ford expetition Oil filter housing unit?

On my 98 Ford Expedition the oil filter is located on the driver side behind the front bumper.