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How do you change the oil in a 2006 vw Passat 3.6?


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October 14, 2012 11:46PM

2006 Volkswagen Passat Sedan (3C2) V6-3.6L (BLV)

Engine Oil, Draining or Extracting, Changing Oil Filter and Filling Oil

03 - Service Procedures

Engine Oil, Draining or Extracting

Special tools, testers and auxiliary items required

¤Oil extractor (V.A.G 1782)

¤Oil absorbent towel (VAS 6204/1)

Engine Oil, Draining or Extracting

Perform the following work procedure:

¤On engines with standing oil filter module, oil filter should be changed before the oil change. Removing the filter element will open a valve and oil in the filter housing will flow automatically into the crankshaft housing.¤If engine oil is drained and not extracted using old oil extraction unit, replace oil drain plug. This prevents leaks.¤Observe waste disposal regulations!

  • Extract engine oil using old oil collecting and extracting unit (V.A.G 1782).
  • Remove oil drain plug
  • Let engine oil drain.
¤Observe waste disposal regulations!
  • Screw in new oil drain plug with sealing ring hand-tight.
  • Fill up with engine oil. Note oil specification.

Torque specifications for oil drain plug: 30 Nm


¤Torque settings must not be exceeded¤A torque figure that is too high may lead to leaks or even damage the oil pan.

Oil Filter, 2.0L TFSI, Removing and Installing

Special tools, testers and auxiliary items required

¤Oil drain adapter (T40057)

¤Oil filter wrench (VAS 3417)

¤Torque Wrench (V.A.G 1331/)¤Needle-nose pliers

Oil Filter Housing, Draining


¤Oil filter housing must be drained before it is removed.¤When screwing in oil drain adapter (T40057), a valve in the oil filter housing is opened.¤If oil drain adapter (T40057) is unscrewed again, the valve closes automatically again.

  • Unscrew dust cap - arrow - from oil filter housing.
  • Screw oil drain adapter (T40057) into oil filter housing and hold hose into an oil collecting pan.
  • Allow engine oil to drain.
  • Unscrew oil drain adapter (T40057) again.

The drain valve - 1 - should seal flush with the under side of the oil filter housing - 2 -.

Oil Filter Insert, Removing

  • The oil filter housing can be loosened using the oil filter wrench (VAS 3417).
  • Then unscrew by hand and remove together with oil filter insert.
  • Remove oil filter insert - 2 - from oil filter housing center tube - 4 -.

Seal, Removing


The oil filter housing sealing ring - 3 - must be replaced each time the oil filter insert is changed - 2 - or every other time the oil filter housing is loosened.

The sealing ring is equipped with a so-called "service flag " - A -.

¤The sealing ring can be gripped at the "service flag" - A - with a suitable tool and then removed from the seal groove.

  • Remove sealing ring - 1 - from oil filter housing seal groove - 2 - by pulling sealing ring out with needle-nose pliers - 3 - on the "service flag" - arrow -.

Seal, Installing

  • Lubricate sealing ring - 3 -.
  • Lay sealing ring in oil filter housing seal groove so service flag - A - is aligned toward top.
  • Press sealing ring into seal groove and check whether ring contacts entire groove evenly by feeling above sealing ring with finger - arrows -.

Oil Filter Insert, Installing

  • Press new oil filter insert - 2 - onto oil filter housing center tube - 4 - as far as stop.

Oil Filter Housing, Installing

  • Install oil filter housing - 4 - with new sealing ring - 3 - and new oil filter insert - 2 - by hand until almost on oil filter housing stop - 1 -.
  • Tighten oil filter housing - 2 - to 25 Nm.
  • Install dust cap - arrow - hand-tight in oil filter housing.

Oil Filter, 6-Cylinder FSI, Removing and Installing

Special tools, testers and auxiliary items required

¤Torque Wrench (V.A.G 1331)

  • Open oil drain plug - 6 - to empty oil filter housing
  • Loosen screw cover - 4 - at hex head.
  • Remove oil filter insert - 2 -.

¤Observe waste disposal regulations!

  • Replace O-rings - 1, 3, 5 - and lightly lubricate rings before assembly.
  • Now insert a new oil filter insert.
  • Tighten screw cover - 4 - to 25 Nm.
  • Oil drain plug - 6 - is tightened to 10 Nm.

2.0L TSI

Special tools, testers and auxiliary items required

¤Oil filter wrench (3417)

¤Torque Wrench (V.A.G 1331)


  • Loosen the oil filter cartridge - arrow - with the oil filter wrench (3417).
  • Loosen the filter several turns. Wait a few seconds so the oil between the filter and the housing can flow back into the engine oil pan. Now remove the filter completely.

¤Observe waste disposal regulations!


  • Clean the sealing surface before installing the oil filter cartridge.
  • Lightly oil rubber gasket on new filter. This achieves the best possible seal when tightening the filter.
  • Tighten the filter to 22 Nm with the torque wrench (V.A.G 1331).