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How do you change the spark plugs in a 2001 Jeep Wrangler?


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2011-04-17 17:54:22
2011-04-17 17:54:22

After taking off the intake tube, remove the 4 14mm bolts from the coil pack (long black item on the passenger's side just below the valve cover.) You don't need to disconnect the wiring harness connector (in the rear, next to the firewall) from the coil pack but you may. With both hands grab the coil pack and pull up. Your done! make sure that your new plugs are gapped at .034" (verify, never trust them out of the box) and with a small dab of anti-sieze on the threads, install new plugs. I have always used Champion's 4412 Truck Plugs. Just a personal preference. When installing, run the plugs down and tighten 1/4 turn after the plug touches the head's surface. Too much and you'll be hating life later. Reinstall the coil pack in reverse order and your done.

In my case (4.0 L ) the 4 bolts for the were 13mm for the coil pack. The sticker under my engine hood (back near the drivers door) recommended a gap of .035. I used the Champion OEM 438 or RC12ECC plugs that are recommended by Jeep.


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