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Hey Carolyn==It isn't real hard but you need direction. Go to Auto zone or another parts store and get a manual on your car for about $18 and it should have pictures and everything. Good luck Joe


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Q: How do you change the starter on a 96 Saturn SL2?
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Can you use a 96 Saturn sl2 motor in a 99 sl2?


Where is the starter relay switch on a 96 Saturn SC2?

96 Saturn doesn't have a starter relay

How do you fix a 1999 sl2 Saturn from burning oil?

I have a 96 Saturn sl2 with 160k going thru 1 qt of oil per week. What can I do to stop it?

Is there a adjustment for auto-transmission for 96 Saturn sl2?

there are no physical adjustments available for the Saturn automatic transmission.

Why do you have vibrations in your'96 Saturn SL2 at high speeds?

Tires need balancing?

How do you replace a voltage regulator on a 96 Saturn SL2?

Replace the alternator. Utilize a Hane's Manual.

How much oil does a 1995 Saturn SL2 hold?

coolant capacity for the 96 Saturn SC2 is 7 quarts, almost 2 gallons.

Where is the fuse for the dash lights in a 96 Saturn sl2 located?

saturns fuses for the cars are located behind the battery

What Type of engine is on a 94 Saturn sw2?

I have a 96 SL2, but im prty sure that they are the same. You should have the: 1.9L DOHC

Where is the crank shaft sensor located on a 96 Saturn sl?

Next to the starter.

What tools are required to change starter on 96 Saturn?

To remove car parts, a person must have the right tools. For a person to remove a starter on a 1996 Saturn they would need a 1/2 inch socket, a 4 inch extension, a wrench, and pliers.Ê

How do you change the starter on a 96 Oldsmobile aurora?

Remove the intake manifold. The starter is underneath.

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 96 Saturn sl2?

Front seating area, center, under dash, front of console, mounted in junction block.

What is the firing order for a 1995 Saturn sl2?

Look where the spark plug wires connect to the thing that fires them (i cant remember what the heck its called) You will see some numbers.On a 96 Saturn sl2 DoHC it looks like this 4/2 1/3 4/2 1/3 The number on the left is for the two connectors on the left, and likewise for the other two. So the firing order for the 96 Saturn sl2 would be: 4 1 2 3 (for instance) That doesnt mean its your firing order.To be 100% sure, check your numbers, or check a manual... or simply call your local Saturn dealership and talk to their mechanic.

How do you take the dash out of a 96 Saturn sl2? Video pretty much explains everything. If the link doesn't work then search on youtube videos and type in: Saturn cluster removal.

Can you replace the water pump on a 96 Saturn SL2 yourself or should you take it to a mechanic?

If you have ever replaced a water pump on any vehicle the answer would be "yes" you can do it yourself.

Have a high pitch squeal coming from the engine belt in a 96 Saturn sl2 regardless if its running or idling hot or cold?

You may need to adjust the tension on the belt.

How do you change the starter on a 1994 GMC Sonoma 2.2?

I have a 96 2.2 and had to drop the exhaust from the manifold in order to change the starter. and goos luck.

How can you get 96 Saturn sl2 w 1.9 liter to run colder ac?

take it to a shop that recharges ac and get them to charge it and check for any leaks in the system. probably be about 80$

96 Saturn SL2 stalls when hot Restarts when cools Length of time it runs depends on how long it sits 1 day equals approx 3 miles?

29 days

Where is air conditioner pressure switch located for 96 Saturn sl2?

Look on top of the drier--probably at the passenger side firewall Look on top of the drier--probably at the passenger side firewall

If the coolant temp light is blinking and you just put a new sensor in it then why is the light still blinking on a 96 Saturn sl2 should i be looking elsewhere?

Check the fluid level in the Saturn. Check the water pump and thermostat for failure. If they are not working the engine will overheat and the light will blink.

How do you understand the idiot lights on a Saturn sl2?

You use a paper clip to flash the SES light to get the engine code for '91-'95 s-series. Or you use an OBD II scanner for '96+ s-series

Where is an airflow sensor locatedfor 96 Saturn sl2?

Actually, Saturn S series vehicles do not make use of a Air Flow sensor..... They do on the other hand have a Ambient Air Temperature sensor located in the lower portion of the air filter box. This can cause poor vehicle performance if it has failed.

Where is the fuse for the electric door locks on a 96 Saturn SL2?

should be psgr side kick panel on the left pull off the plastic cover the relays and the fuse will be there not sure witch one inside of plastic cover will show you what is what