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How do you change the transmission filter on a 1991 Honda Accord and where is it?

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Actually i don't mean to belittle anyones answer but, yes these automatic transmissions have a filter in them. problem is they do not have a pan cover to access them so you have to pull the whole transmission out to have them done. it would be cheaper to buy a rebuilt transmission and have it put in. Honda auntomatic tansmissions are a clamshell type case. All you can do is have a " drain and fill" done or have it back flushed if the transmission does not have a ball bearing one way check valve in them. Honda transmissions are not servicable, the filters are around $11 but to have transmission pulled and put back in runs around $800-$2000 or more. Also note around 200k in miles the tranny filter gets "clogged" causing the fluid to move slower causing overheating in the transmission which also causes the car to run hot. so if your going to replace the filter may as well replace the whole tranny.

I do not now exactly how to change the filter but Mechanics have told me that in order to change the filter, you first have to go inside of the tranny because Honda tranny filters are inside the tranny unlike American cars. So basically, you will have to go internal with a Honda

1990-1993 Honda Accords do not have transmission fluid filters. You are supposed to change the transmission fluid every 15,000-30,000 miles (depending upon your driving conditions. Check your owners manual and it will help you decide when you should change your transmission fluid.

Not to offend anyone's intelligence, but figured that I would also mention that manual transmissions do not have transmission filters or fluid. They do have gear oil though. 80,000-100,000 mile change interval.

Honda automatic transmissions do have a screen type filter in them and to service the filter requires the removal and disassembly of the transaxle (transmission). Regular fluid change is the only recommended service for these transmissions.

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You don't. It has a lifetime internal filter in the transmission.

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I had my fluids changed in my transmission, and they told me the filter was internal....and they did not replace it!

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It has a permanent filter that is changed when you have the fluid changed.

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