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How do you change transmission cooler lines on 1992 Pontiac Bonneville?


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I am guessing that your lines are the old aluminum style unless they have been changed already, with after market rubber heat resistant hoses. either way, if you are going to do it yourself, when you go to purchase new lines, I would recommend Auto Zone, if youhave one in your area, its best to go with the new rubber hoses. there is no danger in getting a kink in the lines, as there is when installing new aluminum ones, the aluminum ones must be bent in certain places, and if you bend too far, you can break or kink them, the hoses, work wonderfully, and just snake around wherever you need them to go. Ok, so get a clean plastic pan, to save your fluid. you can start from either end, but I would start at the end where the hoses are lowest. and let any fluid drain, this is likely at the bottom interior side of your radiator. accessible from the front of the car, underneath, it takes like a 7/16 or 1/2 inch to get the nuts loose from the lines, unless they are rubber, in which case, they just need to be unclamped. let the fluid drain into the pan. give it a few minutes, and get under, (safely) the middle of the car, and disconnect from the tranny. Take the lines with you to the auto parts store to get the right length, a few extra inches for each, woulldn't hurt, just incase you have to make any adjustments. and installation is the reverse of the removal, just make sure that you refill your tranny fluid to the proper specifications before starting your engine. check the fluid loss, and refill that amount, after starting engine, when it is warm, check fluid level again. If you go with the rubber hoses, get screw on hose clamps. and make sure they are in place over the hose and the hook up, if they slip while you are driving, its big trouble, tighten them, then pull on them, make sure they are properly attached, before you drive anywhere, also check the routing of the lines, to make sure that it will not hang down too low towards the ground, or be routed in a way that will interfere with any other mechanical operations under the car. Simple job, but be careful with those connections and routing of the hoses, good luck, PS, rubber line is sold by the foot, and is very inexpenseive and last a long time.