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How do you change water pump on Chevy Tahoe 1999?

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Answer -This is from a 1996, so some things may be slightly different It has been a couple years since I did it, but as I recall... I removed the fan cowl for working room-while waiting on remaining antifreeze to drain then got a big a** adjustable wrench (I had to buy one because it was the only thing I could find that would work) and removed the fan from the pulley I thnk I had to put something though the hole in the pulley to keep it from moving. Remove belt ( I assume you know how to do this) locate bolts at each end of the water pump, remove, and scrape off old seal. I believe I had to use some RTV to create new seal, then bolt back together, and check directions on RTV for drying time before refilling with antifreeze/water. You may also want to remove the pulley from the old pump before removing it from the block as you will need it with the new one as well. and I found it easier to do this way

2008-11-03 16:35:18
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