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How do you check the fuel pump on a 92 525i?


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Check the fuel pump fuse # 23 in front of the driver's side in the engine compartment. If the fuse is good, go to the trunk and remove the carpet. On the right hand side there will be a metal door with several screws. Remove the screws and you will see the fuel sender. When you turn the key to the On position you should hear an audible hum from the sender's location, you should even feel it vibrate. If you want to test further, you can remove the nuts holding the sending in place to lift it up. Be warned, the sending unit is connected to the pump by 2 fuel lines. The pump itself is mounted on the bottom of the tank. It has two plastic locking tabs which must be pushed in to remove. Once it is removed from the car you can test it for operation with a 12V car battery and some jumper wires.