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you must check the firing order and compare that to the order on the distributor. Ask your dealer for this info, or get a book.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-25 17:44:43
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Q: How do you check to see if you put your plug wires back right when you changed them because your car wont start now?
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You replaced your iac valve all of your elect parts because your engine was surging and was hard to start changed your ox sensor changed your coil and the problem is still there what is wrong with it?

check fuel pressure regulator

Why won't it start 1996 Saturn 4cyl Sgl OHC-Changed engine out of another identical Saturn and it won't start. It pops and backfires but won't start Any suggestions?

Check firing order, timing, etc. If it will pop but not start it sounds a lot like timing. Check the plug wires and make sure they're connected right.

Your 94 Camaro does not start right you have changed the fuel pump fuel filter air filter what else could it be?

if it has spark plugs check the distributor cap and/or rotor button for corrosion

Peugeot 406 hdi hard to start when cold will not start when hot?

have the heaters check, i had the same problem but fixed when changed heaters.

Changed fuel pump on 1985 corvette but will not start?

check your fuse box and relay box.

Car drags when trying to start changed battery still does it help?

check for loose connections

1999 GMC Jimmy it will not start because there is no signal to the fuel injectors i have changed all modules. any clue thanks mike H?

check cam or crank sensor

Why does my Tahoe start when jumped but then dies out right after?

Check if the alternator's working.

What would cause a 1988 Buick lasabre not to start after the fuel pump has been changed?

Check the fuses.

Changed the spark wires spark plugs and distributor cap now car will crank but not start?

Check/replace Rotor Check for spark at plugs

After I changed m battery the donโ€™t car wonโ€™t start. 2004 mercury mountaineer?

Check your connection or ground wire. Also check your spark plugs

91 Dakota engine turns but will not start I changed the spark plugs ignition coil distributor cap and the fuel filter. And it still will not start.?

Check to see if it getting spark/fuel Check rotor

The fuel pump was not working so you changed it along with the filter now sometimes it wont start then it will start?

Check for loosed wiring connections on the pump area. Check the wire plugs, ground, and exc.

Changed the solinod on a 88 mercury topaz but still won't start unless you jump start it at the solinod?

First check all the wire contacts and if that is not the problem, then check the ign. switch where the key goes. Might have to replace that. Check with Ford for the replacement.

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Can start car with screwdriver on starter changed starter still will not start with key?

Either your starter solenoid, if not check the neutral safety or clutch safety switch.

What is the first thing to check on a 2004 gmc sierra when the speedometer is not working right and keeps sticking?

If it is the same problem that appeared on my '04, it is going to be the instrument cluster. The speedometer is part of it and couldn't be changed independently. Mine started bouncing some when I would first start it up, then start working normal. I ignored that for a while. Then it got to where it would not move at all till I had driven some , then it would start working right. It finally got where it wouldn't move at all or just peg out. I had the cluster changed and that fixed it.

How to check oil in a 2006 Suzuki drz400?

First check the small glass on the right. Warning , this might be deceptive because the glass may be dirty. Next , start the engine for one minute, shut it down and immidiate check the oil level. Good luck.

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You changed intake manifold gaskets and put it back together and it started right up then shut it off and it wont start anymore.cranks and tries to start but wont.what could be the cause?

fualty gaskett, or installed incorrctly most likely you have coolant in your combustion chamber, check your oil for coolant.

How do you get your key to turn on your 2003 trailblazer after you have changed the battery?

Check fuses as the battery change should not initiate a "No Start" condition.

94 integra wont start you changed the coil and spark plugs?

check your distributor ignition module and go test it...

What can i do to get a 88 Oldmobile cutlass supreme to start i just had the coil packs changed what else could it be?

Check the crank sensor

Changed serpentine belt now it wont start its a 99 Yukon 5.7?

check to be sure the routing of belt is correct

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