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Here is advice: * Are you sure the light is dirty on the inside? I detail headlights at used car dealerships and most of the time the outside is dirty it only looks like the dirt is on the inside. You can clean the outside with Crystalenz, this stuff works great. For more info check out the website * You have to take the light off then take the bulbs out. Stick a rag inside the light through the bulb holes and work it around with a screwdriver to clean it. * Just dump some CLR in it. let it soak over night and rinse in the morning. Make sure you dry it (I used a hair dryer)

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Q: How do you clean a headlight lens that is dirty on the inside?
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How do you clean the inside headlight lens on a Ford Ranger with the round cap on the inside?

To clean the inside headlight lens on a ford ranger just simply remove the cap and clean.

How do I clean an automobile plastic headlight lens?

The answer to how to clean your headlight lens depends on how dirty your lens is. If it just has bug juice and road grime any good car soap will clean it, just be carefull not to scratch the plastic. However if your lens is really yellowed or the clear coat cracked then you will need kit designed to clean the lens.

Can you clean your headlight lens cover?


How do you clean the inside of the headlight on a 2001 volkswagen pasat?

put the headlight in the oven at about 215 degrees for about 5 min then pull the lens off the housing, clean it then use some automotive glue and push the lens back in. look it up on YouTube very simple

A headlight lens can cut the amount of light it emits by 90 percent?


How do you clean the headlight cover on a 2006 dodge charger with moisture in it?

it's a bad headlight, the seal is broken on the lens.

Inside of your front head lights are cloudy 98 tacoma how do you clean?

are you sure the damage is to the inside of the lens, it may only be on the outside. Ever noticed moisture inside the lens? If not the cloudiness is just on the outside and that can easily be fixed check out The Headlight Solution for more information about clouy, foggy headlight lenses and how to repair / restore them like new. The sell headlight restoration kits through there websire at

Headlight lens is cloudy on the inside?

One reason a headlight lens is cloudy on the inside is moisture getting in because the seal is not good or from a bulb hole. It can be caused from the heat of the bulb, humidity, and direct sunlight.

How do you clean the headlights lens Volvo v90?

There are products and kits available to clean/buff the headlight lens at most parts stores. You can also look into brighter headlight bulbs. See sources and related links below.

How should you clean the lens of a microscope?

Place a small amount of lens-cleaning fluid on a clean sheet of lens paper. Make one small circular pass on the lens and toss out. If lens is still dirty - repeat.

What type of headlight lens can cut the amount of light it emits by 90 percent?

Low beam

How do you clean a Pontiac Sunfire CD player?

Inside or outside? Outside is pretty direct. A damp cloth usually does the trick. If the inside is dirty, I'd buy a CD lens cleaner and use it. That will solve any crud on the lens problems. If the inner workings have become dirty due to blowing dust or something, You may have to yank it out and have an auto audio shop clean it up for you. FriPilot

Is there way to restore headlights or a headlight cleaner headlight restoration kit you can buy to clean headlights?

There are a number of Headlight cleaning kits available, some work, some don't. Google Clean your headlight lens, and call or research the companies to find the best.

How do you clean headlight lens on 2006 infiniti m35?

They make kits for that. See an autoparts store.

How do you remove moisture from the inside of an automobile headlight lens?

Throw rice on it about 2 gallons 5 times

How do you clean the inside of your headlights?

If you have composite headlights, you can remove the bulb, remove the headlight assembly, use some headlight lens cleaner, rinse it out, and let it dry. If you have sealed beam headlights, you can only change out the assembly or clean the lenses only on the outside.

How do you clean the headlight lens on a 2005 Toyota corolla?

Try using a carwax and a clean shop towel and scrub the lens surface like your polishing your car paint. It takes a while of rubbing but it worked in my 2003 corolla.

You unpluged your headlight harnes to clean the lens and pluged it back in lights will not come back on 99 grandprix?

make sure the contacts are clean and plugged in properly

How do you clean 1998 Chevy silverado headlight lens?

I used 800, 1000, 2000 sandpaper then buffed with rubbing compound.

How do you clean foggy headlights?

Cleaning Foggy HeadlightsFog is a description used to describe oxidation that sits on the surface of Plastic headlights. It comes from the UV layer deteriorating because of exposure to the elements. The only way to clean the headlight is to first remove the decomposed plastic then put on a new coat of protectant.There are several ways to do this. The easiest is to have a professional come out and clean your headlight lens. The next is to purchase a kit designed for that purpose. Some kits require the use of a drill or a buffer, some do not. Search "headlight lens cleaner" on the internet for the options available. The most expensive is to replace the headlight lens.

How do you remove the headlight lens on a 2000 Honda Accord for cleaning?

If your headlight lens need surface oxidation cleaned from them you do not need to remove them. You can clean them on the car with Pittman's Original One Step Acrylic lens restorer. It takes only a few seconds for each lens and does not require any tools.

How do you replace Mercedes w124 headlight lens?

how to replace the headlight

How to remove BMW headlight lens?

If you want to remove the BMW headlight lens simply follow the user manual.

How to clean the headlight lens on your Volkswagen Beetle?

My Beetle is a 2002 it had some bad yellowing of the headlights, I tried The Headlight Solution at , the advanced headlight restoration kit worked great, it was fast, and easy. Good Luck.

How do you clean the inside of the headlight lens on a 1997 Toyota Avalon?

As far as moisture build up goes you can remove the entire assembly and aim a hair dryer inside the holes where the lamps go, then put it all back together. However if you're aiming to get rid of the coloration on the lens that is near impossible because the plastic is faded/warped