How do you conduct a job search in a different state?

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  • There are numerous on-line job search sites. This would be a good first effort. Next, go out on one of the search engines and type in the city and the words local newspapers - check out their classifieds or job sections on-line. Then find local chambers of commerce and contact them with a resume and a brief letter on what your occupation is and your desire to relocate. Next think about moving at your own expense - employers like to save the cost of relocation if at all possible. Another excellent source of out of town job leads are the fraternal organizations, national occupational organizations and the religious affiliations. Contact them for regional job help as well.
  • Also check out 'local' job web sites that focus specifically on jobs in specific cities/counties. Sometimes employers will advertise jobs on "smaller" job sites in an effort to get candidates from their local geography, instead of putting the job in a national search database such as Monster. You can find these sites by searching through Google, Yahoo, etc or use a career site has a list of local resources for a lot of areas in the country.
  • Um, speaking from experience, it's really hard. Employers quickly notice that you have an out-of-state number and address, and they usually trash your CV unless you're like a doctor, engineer, etc. If you're just a regular person who has a regular job, you may need to wait until you arrive in town to mount any type of serious search.
  • Getting a cell phone number in your prospective search area, a local PO Box (or using a friend or relatives address), and using a national email service may soften the difficulty you are likely to find in finding a job out of area. (Some may see the list of out-of-area employers and just assume before taking to you that you are someone who's coming home after being away for a while.)

You could also try some temp agencies. A lot of temp agencies have online applications now. You could also try something outside of the box may be able to help you.