How do you contact nrs circulation inc?

08/21/08 As a former employee I can tell you pretty much anything that you would like to know about this scam outfit. The direct 800 number is 1-800-378-3210. That is the number used both for NRS Circulation and the "Collection agency" International Credit Company which they also have in house. In fact it's just the same office people,some are assigned to call magazine collections and others are calling for "International Credit. The president of the company is Gary Tooley,he also oversees the sales end of the operation. The one who runs the business however is Al Tooley who also runs the collection side of the operation. You can ask for either of them directly to sidestep the office flunkies which will shock them all actually. You may then be transferred to a Claudia or "Miss Parr" as she is called by for her office name. She is actually Al Tooley's wife. This place hates having attorney general office reports filed so that is a quick way to make them fold over and cancell the order. They also hate publicity especially if it is a local Syracuse NY order,so be sure to complain about them to your local tv,radio or newspaper thatt does consumer advocacy stories on scam operations. If they mention that they have a "tape recorded verification" of you agreeing to the order don't let that scare you. It is absolutely worthless in court or for any legal purposes. Thye usually haul out the tape to try and scare the victim into paying a settlement so they can scam at least some money out of the person. Refuse to settle and demand a total cancellation and make the attorney general office complaint and a call to your local tv,radio or newspaper. A: 8/11/08 I have two numbers: (315)233-1115, and (315)233-1126. I have that same address, too. Personally, I think all those claims are from people who never paid the full amount of their magazines. I've been getting magazines from them for over a year, and I pay monthly, with no problems. They always seem very nice on the phone. A: The number I have is (315) 425-1111
Address: 524 North Salina St. Syracuse NY 13208 Contact - Danelle

I signed up because I spend a ton of money on newsstand mags. One out of the 6 magazines I get from NRS is of interest, so I want to change out some of my subscriptions. Hopefully I can do that! When I typed in the name of the company on Google, a bunch of BBB complaints came up, so now I am nervous!

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