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How do you decompress the the rear brake piston on a 1998 Mustang GT?


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We ran into that problem on our 96 Buick, seems that there is a special tool that turns the brake piston counter clock wise to decompress it. Most of the parts stores have them. If you use a C Clamp to try to force it to decompress then expect to replace the caliper. This has to do with the fact that the parking brake is on the rear. Good Luck maybe this helps


The answer provided is fine if it applied to the front brakes. The rears on a mustang of this vintage have a caliper piston that needs to be turned clockwise. There is a special tool for this, some have had sucess using a beefy set of needlenose to turn the piston. The tool is only about 10 bucks.

Good Luck.

AdviceThe beefy needlenose trick has always done it for me, but remember if the piston still wont go in, don't be surprised. Those calipers do seem to seize a fair amount of the time. I've replaced several sets.

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