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This happened to me. Turns out my Top Dead Center (TDC) sensor was bad. Yours is too. This sensor in located behind the timing chain cover on my 2001 civic. You have to take the cover off to get to it. Honda dealer wanted $360 in labor to change the sensor. Because it was in the same the location Honda would have changed my timing chain for no extra labor charge. So I went to the Honda dealer and got the sensor ($56) and went to the auto parts store and got a timing chain, water pump, and new belts. Local mechanic changed all these parts for $160 in labor (others wanted $230). $130 for the sensor and timing chain and $30 more for the pump. I probably could have hacked that timing chain cover off myself but that is what thought would happen. A hack job. And it was time for a new chain anyway. 92 plus degrees outside and the civic is running fine. Praise Jesus from whom all blessing come.

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Q: How do you diagnose the trouble codes 1361 - 1362 on a 2002 Honda Civic EX?
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