How do you disconnect transmission cooler lines 05 chev cobalt?

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checking the transmission fluid involves lifting the vehicle and removing a plug on the transmission, it is quite difficult and messy if you don't have access to a lift, the vehicle has to be level and at operating temperature in park, there is a small plug on the side of the transmission near the passenger axle shaft. remove the plug slowly, i believe it is an 11mm bolt, if fluid drips out, the level is ok, if no fluid comes out, there is a small plastic screw on cap on top of the transmission itself on the driverside near the oil filter cap, add fluid slowly untill fluid starts to drip out of the plug hole, once the fluid starts to drip, insert the plug and tighten, don't overtighten, just snug it up.!!!make sure you use the right fluid, this is important!!! i believe your fluid is dextron 6, double check in your owners manual, the use of any other fluid will cause damage!!! also, do not remove the small plug on the front of the transmission, that is the pressure plug, all the fluid will shoot out with force if that plug is removed.
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