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Check the owner's manual, or go to the dealer. These will be your only resources.

strangley enough after i did the power window reset my radio turned right on.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:14:19
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Q: How do you enter the code to the radio after changing the battery on a 2000 VW Jetta?
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You have 1992 VW Jetta with Heidelberg radio how do you enter radio code?

You have 1992 VW Jetta with Heidelberg radio how do you enter radio code

Why does the radio not go on after changing car battery?

You probably need a code to enter into the radio presets as it is a security radio. Without the code it will not function.

How do you get the radio in a 1995 VW Jetta out of safe mode after replacing the battery?

you have to enter the 4 digit safe code found in your owners manual

What could be wrong if a 2001 Jetta radio doesn't work after changing the alternator battery spark plugs and starter if the fuse does not appear to be blown?

you need to reprogram your radio when the battery has been disconnected - see owners manual

How do you reset radio after changing car battery on Hyundai sonata?

It is a complicated process to reset the radio in your Hyundai Sonata after changing the car battery. First you must have the access key. Enter the access key at the prompt and follow the instructions that will be shown on your radio screen.

How do you get a VW Jetta radio off safety if you had to change the battery and now it will not work?

you must enter the 4 digit code found in the owner's manual

How do you make the radio of 1999 Pontiac Montana work after it is disabled by the battery?

you will have to pull your radio out of the dash to be able to look at the model number and/or serial number of your radio. Call a local Pontiac dealer and they can give you a code to enter when you turn your radio on after changing your battery.

Replaced battery in vw jetta and it won't stay running?

you might need a new alternator. thas what happend to mine. Did any dash board lights come on and the radio start changing by itself?

Will changing the battery on your Mini Cooper affect the radio?

It will delete the pre-programmed radio stations.

How do you unlock the radio after changing the battery?

Insert the correct code in the radio by way of the preset buttons.

Do you have to reset anything after changing battery on a 2002 silverado?

Radio presets.

2002 Passat replaced battery radio is now dead?

You need to enter the code into the radio.

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