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How do you fit front speakers on the inside doors of a fiat punto 1.2 1996 s reg?

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fairly simple, first just pop off the plastic cover gently with a flat head screw driver. Remove the 3 or 4 screws on the actual speaker. carefully remove the speaker and gently pull off the two connectors on the back of the speaker. find a suitable replacement and that's it.easy if you know what your doing if not then do everything slowly and gently if something snaps you've probably broken it.

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How do you fit door speakers on a 2001 Fiat Punto?

unscrew speakers cut of connector connect wires to speakers screw speakers in replace cover done

Can you show a diagram of the front suspension of a X Registration 2000 Fiat Punto 1.2 Petrol Car?

1. what is the problem of fiat punto front suspension 2. what is the mantinance of fiat punto front saspension

Does a 2006 fiat punto have front brake pads?

Yes, a Fiat Punto has disc brakes at the front and these have pads. The drum brakes at the back have shoes.

Fiat punto sx problem solving clutch pdf files free?

I try to activate child safty lock, but now i can open both the doors from inside and outside as well.

Where is the screen wash bottle in a Fiat Punto?

looking inside the engine bay from the front of the car it is in the right inner wing (usually has a blue cap)

Where is the map sensor on a punto gt?

inside the ecu

Where are the wires for the rear speakers in a standard 2000 Fiat Punto?

If you have a Fiat Punto 2000 S, there may not be any rear speaker cables, I know there wasn't in mine.

What size are the dash board speakers of fiat punto 75 1995 model?

3.5 inch

What is the tire pressure on a fiat punto?

30 front and back

What is the maximum mounting depth for mk1 punto dashboard speakers?

1.6 miles or 4.7 killometers apart for deeper bass

Where is the radiator in a Fiat Punto?

Between the front of the engine and the back of the radiator grille.

How do you remove front door speaker on my fiat punto 2003?

Use hammer.

For what model years was the Fiat Punto produced?

The car Fiat Punto started being manufactured in 1993 and is still being manufactured at present date. It comes in many styles ranging from 2 to 5 doors.

How do you fit new front speakers on a Fiat Punto MK II b 2004?

You Take the mesh cover off which is where the speaker is behind. you then unscrew the speaker and remove the cable from the back and swap it with an aftermarket one if you want better quality sound

Where is the oil switch on a fiat punto sporting?

right next to, and in front of, the oil filter

What commercial vehicles are available from Fiat?

Currently, the Italian car maker Fiat offers the following vahicles: Panda, Panda 4x4, 500, 500C, 500L, Punto 2013 (3 doors), Punto 3013 (5 doors), Sedici, Bravo, Freemont, Qubo and DoblÃ_. Depending on the country, there might be a slightly different portfolio.

Where is the gearbox oil located on a fiat punto speedgear 2001?

The gearbox oil on a 2001 Fiat Punto Speedgear is located where the car's front drive wheels are. The gearbox isÊpumpkin shaped.Ê

How many seat in a mk1 fait punto?

5, there are 2 in the front and a 3 seater in the back

How do you replace side door speakers in a 2001 punto how do you remove the grill?

flathead screwdriver to ease the grill off from each corner. Very easy.

Horn not working where do you find it on a fiat punto 1999?

behind the front bumper, on the left hand side.

How much is a front driver side fiat punto window?

On a mk1 I paid £70 which included fitting.

Where is the gearbox dipstick on fiat punto 55?

There is no dipstick for the gearbox the punto has a filler/level plug on the front of the gearbox 12mm Allen key fitting hope this helps best wishes Mike 2

What is the tire pressure for a Fiat Punto 1.2?

Tyre Pressure for Fiat Punto 1.2cc 8V 3 door is 29psi (front) or 2.0 bar 28psi (rear) or 1.9 bar for normal use.

I have a Mk2 fiat punto and cannot take the front windscreen off Can anyone help. Cheers?


Where is the oil filter on a fiat punto 1.3 diesel van?

In the front a black plastic tap with a hexagon on top