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How do you fix a fan belt tensioner on a 95 Saturn SL1?


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2011-09-13 01:51:18
2011-09-13 01:51:18

First raise the hood.Removing the top engine mount gives easier access.Jack the car up on the right side,remove the right front tire,remove the inter fender at the quick release fasteners.The original tensioner can be rolled back with a 9/16" wrench,then remove the belt.Take the top bolt for the tensioner from under the hood with a 10mm boxed end wrench,then you can remove the bottom bolt threw the wheel opening with the same tool or you can use a ratchet and socket.Then replace the parts you have removed Replacing the belt can be done by you self, but having help makes it a lot easier.

1979 Saturn SL2, alternator, replace, these directions apply for getting to the alternator on the 1979 SL2.


accutally you can remove the top engine mount without supporting the engine because the motor will only drop 2 inches before the lower engine support cradle sits on the subframe. will putting a jack under the engine help you to line it all back up when your done... yes, but not necessary

that a good way to put nonsense strain on your other mounts, keep in mind that most of them are dog bone style and also putting strain on eletrical .... smarter not harder

yes, dogbone mounts that will swing,and if any extra strain is put on them its only for at most 10 min. no harm is done to the electrical being that there is really no electrical on the pully side of the engine. a 2" drop on the pully side isn't going to harm any electrical on the trans side of the motor. i do 4-5 of these tensioners a week this way and have never had a problem


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picture of fan belt tensioner on a vectra

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There is no Fan belt. There is a serpentine belt however. If this breaks do NOT run the car. This belt turns the water pump keeping your engine cool. You will have major issues if the engine overheats.

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The fan is electric, not belt driven. The serpentine belt is has a spring loaded tensioner. If the belt is loose, the tensioner has failed.

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You can tighten a fan belt by tightening the tensioner pulley. Pry to the left on the tensioner pulley and tighten it.

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The squeal when you turn on the AC or heater is a loose fan belt. It may be cracked and need replaced, or it may just need tightened.

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