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How do you tighten the fan belt on a Chevy Silverado?


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If it is a serpentine belt you replace the tensioner pulley


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Put your new fan belt around the pulleys of your 1992 Chevy Blazer. Tighten the fan belt with the tensioner pulley.

how do you tighten fan belt on l200

just in front of the altenator, there is a 10mm bolt, tighten that and it will tighten the fan belt

You can tighten a fan belt by tightening the tensioner pulley. Pry to the left on the tensioner pulley and tighten it.

It would depend on what year. The newer ones are self adjusting.

"Which fuse controls the fan for the ac on a 2006 Chevy silverado?"

The clutch fan on a 2004 Chevy Silverado is removed by loosening the alternator bracket and pulling the drive belt. The fan's retaining bolts can then be removed and pulled from the engine.

theres no way to tighten it you will have to buy a new belt

first you have to locate the allready plced soket and then just tighten the belt

To tighten the fan belt on a Renault Master, a person needs to adjust the belt tension wheel. This wheel has a bolt that is inserted in a groove. The bolt can be loosened and then moved to the desired location to tighten the belt.

There is no fan belt on any year Fiero. Electric fan motor,

You don't "tighten" the belt, it's self adjusting. If the belt is slipping you probably have a problem with the tensioner spring. Occasionally the spring weakens over time. Pull the tensioner and replace it if you think it's loose.

how do you replace fan belt on 95 Chevy S-10 2.2 engine

a picture of how to assemble a fan belt fro 98 Chevy venture van

The fan is electric, not belt driven. The serpentine belt is has a spring loaded tensioner. If the belt is loose, the tensioner has failed.

The belt has an automatic spring tensioner and can not be "tightened".

The fans are electric and do not have a belt The fans are electric and do not have a belt The fans are electric and do not have a belt

Most howls in any vehicle are usually caused by bad belts. The main cause is usually the fan belt, or possibly the ac belt

how to change the fan belt on a 1995 Chevy blazer vortec motor?

take it to a garage and get if fixed

you replace the spring tensioner or the belt because there are no adjustments.

If it is a newer corsa (built in the last 12 years or so) if guessing you mean the alternator belt because it doesn't actually have a fan belt as the fan is driven by a electric motor. To tighten the alternator belt is very easy...Just loosen the two or three bolts holding it on (do not take them right out) pull the alternator so that the belt tightens and then tighten the bolts back up. You may need someone to hold the alternator and belt tight whilst you tighten the bolts back up. If the belt still continues to squeal after you have tightened it a couple of times it means the belt needs replacing.

first u must loosen bolt on power steering belt tensioner till the belt will come off ,then loosen alternator bolts and push alternater till belt is loose enough,then take fan belt off ,install new fan belt,use crowbar on alternator to tighten fan belt,then put power steering belt back on and tighten tensioner till its at spec. then retighteh tensioner center bolt.

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