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How do you fix a power seat problem in a Dodge?


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What is the problem? BClear. You need to be more specific. As each vehicle is different. What year and model are you asking information for?


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a wire is broken. a mechanic can fix the problem. put in a new seat or fix the bad connection, from your sitting on the seat so much : )

Check to see that nothing is blocking movement--remove seat to check motor operation-check that cables are not binding

To fix a stuck seat belt on a 2000 Dodge Durango, pull on it to release its auto lock function. Pry off the plastic cover that hold the seat belt mechanism with the use of a screwdriver, loosen the stuck belt, and put back in place. ?รฆ

You start by figuring out what's wrong with it. If the motor still buzzes, then it still has power. So you need to see if the motor is failing, if the seat came off the track, or if some component has seized and is preventing the seat from moving.

yhere is a seat belt module under middle front seat try disconnect battery first that worked for me

I Dont Know just go to

Common problem. The heater grid burns a hole and the only fix is to replace the element.

1) Determine if the problem is in the switch cluster or one of the three power motors. The easiest way to do that is to swap the modular plugs at the motors around. If the motor now works, the problem is in the switch. If the motor still does not work then the motor is the problem. 2) If motor is bad: Remove the malfunctioning seat motor by removing the rolled steel pin holding it to the seat frame. Pivot the motor/screw drive and remove from seat. 3) Open the motor casing and check for obvious shorts, etc. Often times the problem is in the internal thermal overload switch -- the copper plate sandwich near the power terminals. Manually short the thermal overload switch and test the motor, if it works then you can obtain a replacement motor from a salvage yard (Dodge doesn't sell individual motors). Other's have simply permanently bypassed the thermal overload switch by soldering the plates together then placing an inline fuse in the existing external wiring harness for safety. 4) Figure out what to do with the $800 you just saved by not purchasing an entire power seat assembly from Dodge.

i have replaced 02 censors and map censors and my car is only getting 11 miles per gallon whay can i do to fix this problem 2001 2.7 dodge intrepid

no power to either side mirrors

I have the same problem and I had to go to a dealer preferably dodge dealer to get it fixed. Popular problem on caravans!

A fouled plug can be caused by many things. The color of the plug can give an indication of the problem. The loss of power is due to the cylinder not producing the proper amount of power. Check the plug wires, coil, and compression for that cylinder to give an indication of the problem.

Start by identifying the cause of the problem, then figuring out how to repair it is easy. It'll either in the power supply, the switch, or the wiring. Start diagnosing.

check transmission fluid then go to transmission mechanic. problem may be in computer and be a simple fix

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You should seek professional help or consult your vehicle's instruction manual before attempting to fix the power window on your Nissan Maxima. Your problem may be due to a power switch problem.

I have a 1998 Mountaineer and had the same problem. There was dust in the electrical connections. All the dealer did was blow it out and charge me an outragous service fee

The answer is simple - You can't fix it! I had the very same problem in the very same vehicle. I also had a Dodge Intrepid with the same exact problem. The evaporator has to be replaced. I dodge dealer will chare you about $850.00 The dash has to be completely removed. This problem seems to be too common with Dodge vehicles. I bought my last Dodge product in 2001 (Grand Carrivan) I will no longer by any Dodge vehicles. Good Luck!

Bring to a shop that has an ABS scanner to determine the problem

We'd need to know what's wrong with it before this question could be answered.

Buy another one because Dodge sucks. They have a design problem and never did a recall to replace their problem. We need a class action suit!!

You need to have the system checked for codes to know what the problem could be.

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