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Instrument panel lightsThey are on a fuse, however if the fuse goes all the instrument lights quit and usually your dome light. You have to pull the cover off on your panel. Most likely it is Phillips head screws or torx head like a T-20. You pull all those little screws off around the underside of the dash and down around your steering wheel sometimes it may also go around your the bottom side of the steering wheel just above your feet. The light generally just push in place in the socket. Auto zone or maybe even Walmart may have the bulbs.

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  • 2000 Chevy S-10 Ext cab Pickup. ... During day I have lights on my radio. (daytime running lamps are on)

when it gets dark and my headlights and tail lights come on fully i have NO Instruments lights and I loose the lighting on my radio.. I have checked a number of different fuses. where else can i look to fix this problem? could it be a bad relay? someone please help.

  • for the daytime/night time light problem, it could be something as simple as the dimmer switch. the reason you see the lights during the day is because the lamp switch is off, but once you turn it on, the dimmer may need to be turned up
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Q: How do you fix instrument panel lights?
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How do fix the instrument panel lights if the bulbs and fuse are good?

Check dimmer switch.

How do you replace instrument panel lights?

you take apart the dash and get to the instrument panel. then you take the instrument panel out and on the back of the panel you'll will see the lights

Why are the instrument panel lights off when the rest of the lights are working?

your instrument panel lights can be dimmed(thumb wheel switch) down to practically no lights at all on your instrument cluster, this switch should be located most likely on the dash, left hand side of steering column. If this does not fix the problem ,then you have to check your fuse panel to see if you have a burnt out fuse.

Why are all of the instrument panel lights on?

All the lights a flashing on the instrument panel on my Chrysler town and country minivan. Why?

How do you change dash lights in 2001 intrepid?

remove plastic around instrument panel . remove screws from instrument panel then pull panel towards you to unplug it this will allow to get to dach lights

Why did your instrument panel lights go out on your Honda radio?

my lights didn't go out.

How do you repair instrument panel lights that doesn't turn on on a 1995 GMC Suburban?

To fix the 1995 Suburban instrument lights, check the light fuse first. Check the light switch. If these are ok, then check the instrument cluster for proper power and ground connections.

A wiring diagram for instrument panel lights for 1998 Ford Explorer?

instrument panel lights for 1998 ford explorer the fues is good and when dimmer swtich is good

How do you fix a instrument panel light problem for a 1995 Chevy cavalier?

i have dash light problems also and my easy fix is just hitting the dash . the lights all work again after i do!

How do you reset instrument panel on Audi after changing the lights?


Why do instrument panel lights go on and off Kia Sorento?

The Kia Sorrento instrument panel lights go on and off with the headlights. The headlights go on with an automatic daylight sensor.

Which fuse controls the instrument panel lights on a 2002 Nissan X-Terra?

The instrument panel lights are controlled by the same fuse as the tail lights which is a 15 amp fuse located in the panel in the engine compartment adjacent to the battery. The fuse is only labeled for the tail lights.

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