How do you fix the knockdown cable of a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited?

> >I did a search for "knockdown cable" on Google. I even looked in the Chilton's Manual for the 1994 Jeep Grand >Cherokee. No good. Are you sure your terminology is correct?

Hi - This is familiar because I just did it myself about a month ago- I own a 95 Grand Cherokee 4.0L/Auto. I had the transmission replaced over a year ago and had to go back to the shop to have the Transmission_Throttle cable adjusted (I wasn't shifting in/out of 1st/2nd in the low ranges (15-20mph), they told me it was old and would need to be replaced if it happened again... it did about 6 months later this past March 2006... I bought the cable at the Jeep dealer for about $42.00 and replaced it in my driveway in about 30 minutes... simple replacement.. I used a Flatblade and pliers to remove the clips.

To adjust the cable: For me it was trial and error, but - The adjustment is in the form of a locking clip at the section of cable that connects to the throttle linkage. Pull out the clip with either your fingers, pull it up with the pliers, or poke it up with the screw driver (different Clip styles are made over the years I later learned). You have maybe 1.25" of cable play forward/backward... try adjusting in either direction and replace the clip each time, drive around the parking lot or side road and keep adjusting until you feel it shifting correctly.

The cable is also described in my HAYNES Jeep Grand Cherokee Repair Manual available in most local parts stores. Good luck