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The positive battery cable runs from your battery to your starter and is pretty easy to replace(Depending on vehicle). Hopefully if the positive isn't attached then the negative cable has been removed as well. Follow your positive cable from your battery down through your engine bay and it will lead you to your starter - this could be at the front of your engine block or at the rear underneath. Then all you have to do is replace it, making sure you connect it to the starter first then the battery. If it's just the battery terminal, the connection that actually hooks into the battery then all you have to do is un srew the nuts on each side of the terminal and replace it with a new one. Then reconnect it to the battery positive first then negative.

Duct Tape it

2011-09-13 01:56:13
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Q: How do you fix the red positive battery wire if it has broken off?
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instructions on how fix a broken finger

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