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How do you free up space on your hard drive?

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to free up space, you need to delete items in your drive. just delete items that are of no more value to you.

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Why should you clear cookies?

I do it to free up space on the hard drive.

Why does your new1 tb external hard drive only has 930gb of free space?

The OS (operating system) takes up space on the drive.

How can one increase computer storage?

There are many ways to increase the storage space on your computer. You can obtain and additional external hard drive that will give you more storage space when attached to your computer. You can also move existing files from your computer's internal hard drive to an external hard drive to clear up space on the internal hard drive. You can also compress files on your computer that you do not use often to free up space on your hard drive.

If you only have 9 percent space free on your C Drive is there anyway you can free up space if you have already tried using disk defragmenter disk cleanup up and add or remove files?

well, first off disk defragmenter doesn't free up any hard drive space, it does what the name implies. Just defrags the memory on your computer. The only way to free up space on your computer is with add/remove programs. You then would remove certain programs you don't use anymore. You can change the drop down box to size so you can see which programs on you computer are taking up the most space then by deleting the ones you use less frequently you will free up hard drive space i.e C:\ see related links for a program which lets you see what is taking up space on your hard drive.

What does defragmenting your hard drive do?

It provides more space if your drive is fragmented. It's like cleaning up your room, everything is neatly organised leaving more free space.

How do you find free hardrive space on my computer?

In order to see the free space on a hard drive, you can go to My Computer (or Computer in newer versions of Windows) and right clicking the hard drive you want to see. Go to properties and there will be a pie chart showing used vs empty space on the hard drive. Another useful tool is Treesizefree (look on google). This tool will show you what is on your hard drive and organize it all by size, so you can see what is taking up space.

How would you compare and contrast a hard drive and a flash drive?

both save up memory on your computer but if you have a flash drive then you can carry it around and use it on other computers. but a hard drive has a lot of free space to save stuff

What is a disk clean up?

Disk clean up is used to free space on the hard disk so that space can be used to store some other data on the hard drive. It is also called as computer maintenance utility.

What is the purpose of idefrag for your computer?

Defragmenting a computer is cleaning up space that is not being used on the computer. The purpose is to free up hard drive space so the computer runs faster.

How often should you delete temp files to free up hard drive space?

On average, once every 2 weeks.

What is disc space?

Disc space is the amount of computer storage space on random-access memory devices, such as on a hard drive, floppy or USB flash drive. Free up disc space by running a disc clean-up, removing unused applications, and removing duplicate files.

What do you do if your C drive is out of disk space?

Buy another hard drive, or delete some of the content on your current one. You could also consider a disk defragement to free up some space, cleaning temporary files aswell. If you get a new hard drive make sure it uses the same connector type and you can either add it as a separate drive or you can move everything on the current one to a bigger on and end up with one big drive with free space and all the previous data on it.

When i delete something on my mac does it free up space. eg an app. or do i need to use disk utility?

Yes Deleting from your mac, frees up Hard drive space.

Is it bad to delete temporary internet files?

Nope - temporary internet files simply take up space on your hard-drive... Deleting them will not harm your computer - but will free up disk space.

How do you free up space your hard drive?

the easiest way is the remove old programs you rarely ever use. Games take up the most mem.

Where do you find the capacity of a hard drive?

The easiest way, on windows, is to open up "my computer" and right-click on your hard drive (usually drive C or D) and select properties. Total, used, and free space is displayed with a pie chart.

How much space will an XBOX 360 game take up on the hard drive?

when you install to the hard drive 5-7gb

How do you get a lot of free space on your computer?

the easiest way is to do a scan on ur fier wall and check the files in the computer and then do a hard drive clean up

You computer is 80 GB hard drive you need back up the external hard drive must be same as 80gb?

Part depends on the TYPE of backup. A "standard" file backup will use far less space, as it only backs up the actual data on the drive. to find out how much data is on your drive, open up "My Computer" and right click on the drive you wish to backup. The information box that appears will show the drive capacity, and the free space. Subtract the free space from the drive capacity to estimate the data size. Another type of backup is called a "drive image". This type will make an exact duplicate of you hard drive onto another drive. for this type of backup, you must have a 80 gig (or larger) backup drive. Steve

How do you get free space on your computer?

Go into my computer, click add and remove programs towards the top, and uninstall programs you no longer need. If you can't free up enough space by doing this consider adding a second hard drive.

Can you do a full PC back up on a flash drive?

Yes, you can, but you a flash drive with a lot of free space.

Your laptop needs more hard drive space can you use your flash drive?

Nope, you should just get a bigger hard drive. If you don't want to just back up your files on your flash drive. External hard drives will also work if you need space, but a 120 GB hard drive runs around $40.00 - $70.00.

How do you free up space on Dell computer d drive disk?

there are some software for this purpose like can also map tha hard drive with treesize (google it) and check large files.

Disadvantages of a hard disk?

A disadvantage of a hard disk drive is that it takes up alot of space and could be heavy

Should I switch from 350 mb to 10 gb?

If you're thinking of replacing your hard-drive - then yes ! The vastly increased capacity will not only give you much more space for programs and data, but the computer will also make use of the extra free-space on the hard-drive - which will speed-up your system.