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I presume you mean to start after replacing the timing they can't start or run without it. While the actual mechanics of replacing any timing belt my seem fairly basic...just removing covers, etc., the technical aspects are very exacting. Any deviation can cause damage or at least the engine not to start. If you turn over or change any part of the engine while the belt is off, not only do you substantially complicate things, you can easily cause lots of - even destroying - engine damage, especially if it is what is known as a 'no clearance' engine. (That means there isn't enough room for the pistons to clear the valves if the pistons go up - compression or exhaust strokes - while the valves are in the down or open position). The timing belt (or chain) works to assure the Cam shaft - which controlls the valve opening and closing timing, and the main Crank shaft, which controlls the piston stroke, are positioned EXACTLY where they need to be. Every part of these items must be exactly on time so each cylinder has all valves completely closed and the piston at the top of its rotation when the distributor tells the spark to flare, likewise the intake vale open when the piston is down, allowing fuel in, etc. All these things are going to happen 1 to 6 or 7 thousand times a minute! Getting all those things at there exact locations, especially if you didn't put marks on the flywheels and engine when disassembling, are way past any possible Wiki discussion. Especially with an electronically controlled motor, a good level of mechanical engineering understanding and several fairly expensive or specific testers and equipment is generally needed. As is exactly specific setting data for the motor. Any variation will result in a motor running very badly if at all. It will start with finding TDC of cylinder 1. That is top dead center of the fisrt firing cylinder off the distributor rotation, and aligning the parts to be so the valves are closed and the pistion up (or off by an engineered amount provided). this actually happens 2x in any 4 stroke system, but one is fire the other compression stroke, meaning it's easy to be off 180 degrees if done without equipment checking or other indicators. And remember, all the while, you need to secure the valves in there up position to assure they don't get hit by the moving pistons. All that said, there is always the chance you did everything correct with your replacement, and still have something like a wire disconnected.

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How do you reset alarm on 1998 Toyota 4 runner?

The Toyota 4 runner will not start, it sounds like it is going to and it will not, the starter, spark plugs are fine?

How much does it cost to change the timing belt on Toyota tacoma?

The price to change a timing belt on a Toyota Tacoma will depend on the mechanic fees. The prices for a timing belt start at $232.95.

Why won't your 1997 Toyota 4 Runner start?

If it does not start it is missing either spark, fuel under the proper pressure , compression or the timing of the ignition or the camshafts are incorrect. Start by determining what is present, check for spark, proper fuel pressure, engine compression.

What are the symptoms of a bad timing belt on a 1996 Toyota Camry?

No start.

I need to find out why my 2001 Toyota 4 runner will not start after changing fuel pump and vsv. What could it be?

Your 2001 Toyota 4 runner will not start even after changing the VSV and fuel pump because of another mechanical problem. Consider taking it to a mechanic.

When did Toyota start putting timing chains on their cars?

2007 and newer in certain models.

When should you change a timing belt for a 2003 Toyota Celica?

The timing "chain"will start rattling at around the 100k to 110k mark. This is when it should be replaced

93 Toyota 4-runner will not start in cold weather?

Many possible reasons. Maybe cold start switch(valve) is bad.

Why wont your 1992 Toyota celica start it turns over has spark and fuel?

If it has spark & fuel and will not start then the timing may be off.

When should you change your timing belt on a 2003 Toyota Corolla?

There is no Timing belt in corolla 2003 to 2008 model, Toyota start the timing chain for all these series that's what the Toyota dealer said.Your Toyota timing belt/timing chain plays an important role in the running of your vehicle. The Toyota timing belt/timing chain is typically tucked away behind the front cover of your engine, but just because it is out of sight does not mean it should be out of mind. Indeed, far from it, your Toyota timing belt/timing chain must be in working order for your vehicle to be operational. The Toyota timing belt/timing chain winds around the camshaft and crankshaft, and is assisted by the idler pulley/tensioner. It is responsible for seeing to it that the valves operate at the right time sequences to permit the correct amount of air and fuel into the engine, as well as allowing exhaust to escape. Clearly, if a malfunctioning Toyota timing belt/timing chain is not allowing air and fuel into the engine, your vehicle is not going to get far. The Toyota timing belt/timing chain is a part that should be changed according to the recommended maintenance schedule, whether or not it is showing any wear. That is because this is a part that can, and often does, fail without warning. While estimates may vary between individual automotive technicians, the general recommendation is to replace the Toyota timing belt/timing chain at about the 60,000-mile point. However, if your driving circumstances tend to be a bit more demanding than those of the average driver, you may want to consider replacing your Toyota timing belt/timing chain a bit sooner.

When Indian runner ducks begin to lay eggs?

Chicken normally start laying around the 20 week mark. I do understand Runner Ducks supposedly have the same timing: 5 months/ 22 weeks

What year did Toyota start putting a timing chain on the Corolla instead of a belt?

Yes, according to Toyota all models after 1997 use a Timing Chain and not a belt. They told me they recommend the chain being changed at 120,000 miles or I could have a tensioner added. Read more: Does a 2003 Corolla have a timing belt or timing chain? | Answerbag

1990 Toyota corolla how do you know if timing chain is bad?

if a timing chain is bad it can make clanking sounds and by that stage your in trouble but they can stretch and get lose and then it will start making sounds to warn you hope this helps

Why will my 1994 Toyota pickup will not start?

No spark, No compression, no fuel or timing off. Any or all of these could be an issue and then multipul reasons for each of them.

If the timing has jumped will the car start?

no the car will not start timing has to be set again

If i didnt mark it before removing it How do you install a distributer and get it in time on a 22re 1991 Toyota pickup?

Before removing the distributor, set the engine at TDC and mark the relevent position of the distributor with the engine. When re-installing, ensure it goes back in with the marks lining up, and snug the hold-down bolt just enough where the distributor can still be rotated by hand. Connect all wires exactly as they were prior to removal. If you are going to use a timing light, mark the correct degree line and the TDC line with white chalk or similar. Start the engine and perform timing either with timing gun or by ear. After timing is completed, tighten the distributor hold-down bolt.

Where do you find the electrical kill switch on a Toyota 4 runner?

We are handing a claim on a 2007 Toyota truck. This party was rear ended and now states her vehicle won't start. Minor rear end accident. does this vehicle have a kill switch????

Why wont my Toyota tacoma v6 pre runner start after a quick run to the store i have to wait about 10 min for it to start of it will start if i give it gas as i am trying to start it what is the proble?

Might be fuel pump. Also may be pickup coil in distributor or crank/cam sensor if no distributor.

Removing and replacing a timing belt in a 95 Honda accord?

Do it wrong and you will suffer severe engine damage the instant you start the engine. So leave this repair up to a professional.

Where is the crankshaft and camshaft and fuel injector timing for 4be1 isusu ingine 1992?

I forgot to punch every gear before removing them one by one, now it does not start after assembled

1990 Toyota celica GT that won't start with a new battery and you can smell gas when you turn the key. what could be wrong with it?


Have a 1991 Toyota 4 runner that will not start have put new fuel pump and new injectors and it still wont start?

Have you replaced the fuel filter? Are you sure the pump is running and the fuse is not blown or the relay is bad. Do you have fire, and do you have fuel pressure to the injectors?

How do you reset the timing belt light on 2L-2 LN 145 Toyota Hilux?

most cars trucks or vans computers are simply reset be removing the power cable from your battery pressing on the brake for 10 sec to drain the rest of the power out of the viechiels computer then put on the power cable to the battery and start the viechiel and all should be good

What is running and how do you replace it when your 2000 Toyota 4 Runner has a grinding pump noise under the right front fender that runs for 10 seconds when you turn the start key on and off?

Could it be the power antenna?

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