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One way is to put gas directly into the air cleaner throttle body. A soda bottle cap full should be enough. You may have to do this a few times to get the lines to the injectors full of gas instead of air. .

The above method may work, however it is at risk of a fire. A better/safer way, is to cycle the fuel pump a few times. Turn the ignition key on (but not to start), you should here a the fuel pump running, then stop. Turn the key off, wait a moment, then turn the key on again. Do this a few times, and then try to start it. As long as it has an electric fuel pump (I haven't seen a fuel injected car that doesn't) this should work.

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Q: How do you get a fuel injected 92 Dodge Shadow to start again after you ran out of gas?
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What year did dodge start putting the fuel pump outside the gas tank on a dodge ram b250 van?

Dodge has never put the pump on the outside of the tank on any fuel injected Ram Vans.

How do you get a 1996 Dodge fuel injected V8 pickup to start after it has ran out of gas?

I would try shooting some gas into the throttle body.

How much transmission fluid do you put in a 1993 Dodge Shadow?

4 quarts... Initially. After doing so, start the vehicle and shift into every position a few times. Check your fluid levels again, and add as needed. I had to add another 2 quarts to get to the proper levels on my 1992 Shadow ES 3.0 v6.

Dodge Durango and it will stop running and start again?

when my 1998 Dodge Durango would start and cut back off, I had to reset the alarm by using the lock / unlock buttons on my key remote.

The fuel pump on your 91 dodge shadow needs replacement A mechanic banged on the gas tank with a hammer it started temporarily But now not at all Where on the tank did he hit so you can start it again?

Bottom, rear of tank. Hit it while someone is cranking.

How much oil does a 1994 dodge shadow hold?

My 93 shadow took 4.5 qts. So I would say your 94 would be the same. Just to be sure, start with 4 qts and then start the car and then add the additional 1/2qt after if needed.

What happens when putting in gas while the vehicle is still on?

it would depend if the car is carburated, or fuel injected... if it is carburated it can flood the motor (if this happens just give it about 20 mins and try and start it again), if it is fuel injected nothing will happen.

Why would my 2000 dodge neon shut off while driving then start back up again and then cut off?

Why does my 2000 dodge neon shut off when my gas gauge hits a half tank of gas then u recycle the key to start it again and it starts up

The crank sensor on your 2000 dodge neon keeps failing any suggestions?

crank sensor in 2000 dodge neon fails. car starts to stall while operating. idols with no problem, when in operation starts to stall again and again until will not start again.

Why won't our 92 dodge shadow start it will if jumped?

your alternator need replaced most likely or it could be your starter If the car continues to run after you jump start it and just won't start when you shut it off, try a new battery.

Why does your dodge after it gets hot why wont it start?

Because the engine gets too hot. Let it cool down before you start it up again. Poor water on it.

Why would my 94 Dodge Shadow start fine run great then after about 5 min it acts like it was put into neutral?

Try changing transmission fluid and filter

Why does a 1991 Dodge Caravan start right up the first time but after it is ran and you try to start it again it will not start for quite a while wheather it is hot or cold?

check fuel pressure...fuel pump

2000 Dodge Stratus starts and runs for about 1 min before dying Is able to start again immediately but will die again shortly What are the probable suspects?

Crank shaft sensor.

Why did your 85 Dodge with 360 lose power and start to buck while climbing a hill?

If it's carburated I would think it would be the float inside the carb. If it's fuel injected then please ignore my post.

What cars start with an d?

dodge viper, dodge charger, dodge challenger

Why does your dodge ram 1500 start once a day but once it starts it wont restart again until the next morning?

gauges don t work truck wont start

How do you start voltage regulator in a Dodge ram 1990 van?

Ask your question again because I believe you mean a starter. I've never seen anyone start a voltage regulator.

1993 2.5L dodge shadow will not start it died while driving. fan and head ligts work. Fueses appear to be OK.?

Timing belt may have broken

Dodge colt 1993 no start no fire?

1989 dodge colt no start;noid light steady bright

Why wont dodge intrepid start after overheating?

The Dodge intrepid will not start after overheating because it blocks the radiator cap.

Why do you have to pump the gas to start a fuel injected truck?

it is useless to pump the gas in a fuel injected truck the pedal only controls the intake of air not the gas

What would cause a fuel injected car to flood when trying to start?

No spark?

Why won't my radiator fan start on a 1991 dodge caravan?

Why won't the radiator fan start on my 1991 dodge caravan?

Where is the wire in a 2003 Dodge Neon SXT that makes it not start?

There are many wires on a Dodge Neon that can cause a no start condition.