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Try a little paint stripper or "goof off" on a small area to see if it causes damage to the carpet. If not, work a little into the carpet, let it sit for a few minutes then use water and a wet vac to pull it back out. Rinse it a few times, using the wet vac. You may need to go through the process a few times, but understand that the carpet has to be dry when you put the paint stripper on, otherwise it won't soften the paint. BTW, this only works for latex, oil and laquer paints, epoxy or other high-tech paints aren't really affected by paint stripper.

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Q: How do you get dried paint out of carpet?
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How do you get acrylic latex paint out of carpet?

You can purchase several products that are able to remove dried latex paint from carpet. I have personally used GooOff. Also, I know that some organic carpet pastes, such as Quick-N-Bright, and a steel brush work well for paint that has been worked deep into the carpet.

Is there a Melaleuca product that can get paint out of carpet?

I use Melaleuca products and the Solumel works tremedously to get pain out of carpet. I have even used it as a paint stripper for some old door hardware that I needed to remove paint off of by submerging the pieces in the Solumel. To remove paint out of carpet, I took a cloth soaked with Solumel and let it sit on the spot until it had softened the dried paint to where I could remove it. You will have to make sure to keep the cloth wet while doing this; a sponge soaked in it may work too. I hope this helps you as it did me; I had to remove the dried paint from a brand new carpet that had just been laid!

How do you get oil based dried paint from a carpet?

Rub it with Goof Off for a few minutes and it should soften. If you can peel parts off do it . Persist with the Goof Off if the carpet will stand it.

How do you remove day old dried dark purple semi-gloss paint out of a light blue carpet?

You can try acetone (nail polish remover), but it will probably damage the carpet color.

How do get dried paint off ceiling and metal?

What kind of dried paint? What is under the paint on the ceiling? ....on the metal?

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How do you remove dried kilz from carpet?

goo gone

How do you get face paint off carpet?

A person can get face paint off the carpet by using an Oxy Clean powder. This will help lift the stain from the carpet fibers.

Which is best to Clean carpet first or paint first?

Paint first. There is no use in cleaning a carpet that might get paint on it later. Paint first just in case you end up getting the carpet dirty so you don't have to clean twice.

How can you get silk paint out of a carpet?

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How do you get gloss paint out of carpet?


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