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To get a job, you need to wait until the tamagotchi is of adult age 3+ i believe it is, and you should get important post the [!] will be flashing and then you will have a job, the job will vary according to your life points.

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Q: How do you get job for tamagotchi v4?
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What job can you get on tamagotchi v4?

You can get, a banker, work at a hospital, umm that's all i know at the moment

Is there a code to lose weight on tamagotchi v4?

no but you can to it to its job or play games like jump rope or flag

Can a v4 tamagotchi marry the king?


How do you get a suit in tamagotchi v4?

you have to be a banker to do it

What can you do with the tamagotchi v4?

You can play games , meet other tamagotchi's you can get your tamagotchi pregnant and basically just look after it :) And you can do over 10 diffrent jobs (new only on v4)

Can a tamagotchi v5 connect with a tamagotchi music star?

tamagotchi v4 can connect v4 and v4.5 tamagotchi v5 can connect v5 and v4.5 and tamagotchi v5 can NOT connect v6 sorry but with v4.5 u can do a lot of stuff! and theres your answer!

How do you increase fashion points in tamagotchi v4?

You play the shape game when you become a teenager and go get a job with Ms.Flower.

How can you change you job for your tamagotchi v4?

Sorry hun', once you've got a job you cannot change it. hope i helped you :) no it does not help thats not a answer

Can tamagotchi V4 and V3 Connect?


What version is your tamagotchi with a ball on top of it?

The v4.

How do you get a shurican in tamagotchi v4?

Just care of it

Can you connect your v4 with your v5 tamagotchi?

Unfortunately, no. Each tamagotchi version can only connect with one of its own, so a V5 can only connect to a V5, and a V4 can only connect to another V4.