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I get everything out of a junk yard

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Q: How do you get parts to replace the front bulb socket for a blinker?
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Why does your left blinker works but not your right its a 2006 stratus?

it sounds like you have a broken bulb in your right blinker. you can replace it yourself by looking up the make and model at a parts store to get the right type of bulb and then replace it by going from behind the bumper or finding a way to remove the light from the front

How to fix a cigarette Socket?

Replace it with a new one that you can buy at any auto parts store.

Do I need special tools to replace my spark plugs?

To replace spark plugs, you can use a socket wrench, but a socket made for removing and replacing spark plugs is needed. This socket is relatively inexpensive and can be found at most auto parts stores.

What to do when your blinkers stop working on your 1995 Saturn sl?

Replace the blinker relay, located on the fuse panel. Buy it at any automotive parts dealer.

What size is the Front Axle Shaft Nut Socket for on a 2004 dodge ram 1500?

1 11/16 sold at the parts store as a dodge nut socket 15.99

What could be wrong if your turn signals work sometimes?

u need to replace flasher unit under dash.... this is not to be mistaken for fuse! guy at parts counter will know what it is... it is what makes the blinker noise...

How do you replace the Oxygen sensor in a 1998 ford contour LX V6?

You need a special socket that can bought at Murray's or a similar auto parts. The wiring fits through it so you can get to the bolt. The socket cost about $8.

How much should it cost to replace front struts in a 2004 explorer?

Parts and labor, aprox $500 to $600 plus a front end alignment.

How do you replace the alternator on a 1987 Honda Civic LX?

from underneath the vehicle u have to remove some suspension parts and parts of the front cover of the engine

How do you replace the blinker flasher in a 1999 Jetta?

If it the the newer body style the flasher is built in to the emergency flasher switch. Replace that and it is fixed. If it is the A3 body style it will be a relay in the relay box. Any VW parts person can tell you the exact location in the relay box.

How do you replace the socket of a rear running light on a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire?

you should be able to buy the pigtail either at a parts store or the dealer. Otherwise you can get one from a junkyard fairly cheap and replace the bad one.

How do you remove and replace the front drive axle on a 1995 Toyota Avalon?

Get a manual from a parts store and it has pictures and all.

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