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How do you get scratches off a car?


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this sounds weird but it works. get some boloney and mustard. but the mustard on the balongna and stick it on the car. let it dry and peel it off


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They remove scratches off a car by first trying to buff them out. If that does not work, the scratches are sanded, they are then filled with filler, and sanded again. Next a primer is put over the scratches, and then paint to match the rest of the car.

A car can still be repossessed if it has scratches or some slight damage. The current value of the car is normally used when netting off the debts.

Rubbing compound and polishing compound.

You can return it to get the scratches repaired. Did you not inspect the car for scratches before you took delivery? You cannot return it for a refund as it is no longer a new car. It is a used car.

If it is a shallow scratch, then you can use an item such as Scratch Fix 2in1.

To remove scratches from a car, you can buff them if they are shallow scratches. Begin by gathering a buffing wax and a buffing pad. Lightly buff the area until the scratches disappear. Then, remove the wax by wiping gently.

what to do if cat is off balance when he jumps, lands or scratches his head.

well all you must do is threaten your ipod to get the scratches out. and they will.

Diane was lucky there were no noticeable scratches on her dad's car after she took it off road for some fun.

There is a product made to remove car scratch, widely announced years ago. If it works on a car, it will works on your refrigerator. Look for the product in car shops.

I don't believe you can. I have an old Thriller record that i want to remove ssome scratches off of


scraches. off my. eye. glasses

You can go to a special shop and have the scratches filled in. If they are small scratches, you can use a special covering to make them less noticeable.

U Don't! It is not likely you can ever repair real deep scratches.

you can't you will have to get a new one.

The first thing you want to do before you paint your car is get the dents and scratches out, you can do this by buffing the car. You will then pain over the car.

Yes, you can buff the surface of a disc with toothpaste to remove, or lessen, scratches.

For lightly scratches sometimes either Colgate Toothpaste, Or any brand of peanut butter will work.

hi depends on how deep the scratches are put there is a stick called a chip stick which is like a wax crayon and when the scratches are full shine the area with t-cut and that should solve your problem but if the scratches a sallow you can buy some touch up paint

One of the best car wash burshes for washing a car is the a buffer. The electric buffers are even better because they are good to help keep the scratches out of the car. You would need a soft one those so it won't cause circular and scratches.

To remove scratches off of cars, you can use an automotive exterior cleaning liquid. You can also use a sponge with water and soap to remove these scratches and nicks.

scratches are indents in the disc or where a tiny part of the disc is gone. they cannot be taken off, for they are not a physical object attached to the disc.

Auto parts stores can sell you a product to remove some scratches from glass but if you can feel the scratch with your finger nail, it ain't coming out.

Car alarm gets activated and send signal if there is illegal entry to the car or if there are undue vibrations. In case there is damage to your car due to somebody hitting your car, smashing it with something or, banging your car with other vehicle then your car alarm will definitely go-off and will alarm you. But alarm may not get activated if somebody scratches your car or sprays it with paint or throws dirt on your car.

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