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How do you get the front door panel off a 1998 GMC Sierra with power locks and windows?


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Hi, If your question is how to remove the door, before starting make sure you have all three replacement hinge pins first it is best not to try and reuse the the existing ones and one of them will be cut so it will not be usable. 1. remove the flexible rubber sleeve from the truck body by pulling it out of the hole; 2. next pull the wires out the hole to disconnect them from the from each other but before doing so tie a sring around them that is about 3 feet long, this make it easier if the connections fall back into the hole to pull thme out with out needing to remove the pnel behind them, place some tape on the sleeve or mark the side that came out of hole; 3. now with a metal grinder grind cut the center pin in half, be cafeful as the sping will pop out when the pin is cut, next with a center punch drive the bottom half out then do the top; 4. next with make sure you have the door secured either with a door holding tool, strong helper or some type of bracing; 5. next slowly knock out the top hinge pin as you do so notice the position of the hinge pin sleeves so you can replace them in the same direction which are on the door side bracket; 6. repeat the same for the bottom hinge pin; 7. pull the door straight out. To replace door, 1. remove the old hinge pin sleeves if they had not fallen off and replace in the same direction they were removed, do not reuse the old sleeves! 2. install the spring hinge pin the one that has the swivel head, use the locking pin clip to hold the pin in place otherwise it will fall out after the door has been open and closed several times; 3. using a large nail or small bolt temporary connect bottom hinge, your partner will need to hold door on a slight angle; 4. now install the spring behind the door arm, very carefully push door back into position and install the top hinge pin; 5. now with the door bottom being pushed in remove the nail or small bolt and install the bottom hinge pin; 6. reconnect the wires and replace the wire sleeve into the wire hole. This should complete the job, good luck! JQ