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I had the same question. Because it is so difficult to get to the running light bulb connector, I first tried to take out the whole headlight assembly. That was a mistake and way too difficult. I just decided to deal with the cramped space to get to the bulb. I suspected the bulb connector was a twist out unit, but I couldn/t turn it with my fingers, which is about all I could get into that space. Finally I tried a small pair of needle nose pliers and turned the connector counter clockwise (as looking at it from the drivers seat and it came loose. Once the connect was loose, it pulls straight back and the bulb is one of the spade type bulb that just plugs into the connector. Once replaced with a new bulb and the connector repositioned back into the headlight assembly, I still couldn't turn the connector by finger to lock it into place. So had to use the pliers again and was finished with that job. kp

I went underneath t the fender- there is a cover which has a few pins that will pop out. It was easy to get to once these pins were removed and the cover will allow you to reach in and grab the light. It turns counterclockwise as described above. The pins can be reused and will pop back in when replacing. Just be careful when removing.

Going in through the fender well was much easier. Jack up the vehicle so that there is plenty of room to work with. There are several screws in the well and towards the front underside that secure clips. Slide the clip away from the piece underneath to disengage. The plastic pins on my 2004 Rav have a center section on the head that when pulled with needle nose pliers, releases the tension of the pin and will slide out and back in relatively easy. Much easier than breaking the pin by wedging a flathead screwdriver underneath the head to try and force it out! You do not need to remove the entire wheel well cover, just the middle to front section. Counter clockwise to remove from the light housing, replace bulb and test before reassembling. Very dirty/gunky work if wheel well not cleaned and hosed off.

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Q: How do you get to the parking light bulb on a 2002 Toyota RAV4 to change it?
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