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1996 Nissan Altima Car Stereo Radio Wiring Diagram

Car Radio Constant 12v+ Wire: Pink

Car Radio Switched 12v+ Wire: Blue

Car Radio Ground Wire: Chassis

Car Radio Illumination Wire: Red/Blue

Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: Red/Yellow

Car Stereo Antenna Trigger: Green/White

Car Stereo Amp Trigger Wire: N/A

Car Stereo Amplifier Location: N/A

Front Speakers Size: N/A

Front Speakers Location: N/A

Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Blue/White

Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Blue/Yellow

Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Brown

Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Brown/White

Rear Speakers Size: N/A

Rear Speakers Location: N/A

Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Red

Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Green

Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Blue

Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Pink

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Q: How do you install a Sony stereo in a 1995 Nissan Altima when you dont know which wires to connect?
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How do you remove stock stereo from a 2003 Nissan altima?

The stock stereo, from a 2003 Nissan Altima, can be removed by first removing the stereo front cover. Next, remove the four screws. Pull the stereo out and remove the wiring.

How do I install a second battery in the trunk of My car for my stereo?

connect the positive and negative to the stereo

How do you remove a car stereo from a 1995 Nissan Altima?

Check this Web;

How do you remove a car stereo from a 2005 Nissan Altima to install an amp and subs?

1) drive to a dark gheeto alley. 2) leave the car windows open. 3) And when you come back in the mourning wahlaa your stereo will be gone !!!:D

How do you remove a factory stereo from a 2005 Nissan altima?

How do you install a stereo in a 1995 Buick Lesabre OR A WIRING DIAGRAM?

Connect the wiring harness to the back of your 1995 Buick LeSabre stereo. Secure the stereo with the stereo retaining screws.

Is a 1998 Nissan altima's stereo head unit sub woofer compatible?

any radio can have a sub you just need a amp to power it.

How do you install Pioneer Speakers into a 2004 Nissan Altima when you don't know which Wires to Connect?

Hi! You can find some pretty good info on stereo installation and component upgrades at I installed two different stereo systems in my pathfinder with the help of Crutchfield. The reason I had to install the system a second time was because some low-life liked it too and wanted it in their ride. After the insurance paid for that one I put together an even better one!

Nissan Altima dash lights do not work after reinstalling factory stereo The after market stereo went bad and reinstalled the factory stereo to get me by. Fuses are good. Radio works no dash lights?

Turn the dimmer switch up. Just kidding I'm sure you looked for that.

How do you remove stereo from 2000 Nissan Pathfinder?

How do you remove stereo from 2000 nissan pathfinder?

How do you pull a wire from ignition switch to connect a off market stereo for a 2002 Chevy cavalier it does not have the ignition switch wire?

i do not know go to a car stereo install ... store

How do you remove the car stereo on a 2001 Nissan Altima?

Go to instaldr.comthey offer step by step instructions with color pictures!! best sight I've found so far!!

How do you install a stereo into a 1992 Chevy?

all I need is what the color codes from the stock wire harnes to connect to the new one

Radio Wiring Diagram for 97 Nissan Pickup?

I am trying to install an after market stereo into a 97 Nissan Pickup. I do not know what the wires from the 97 Nissan Pickup do, however, I do know what the wires on the stereo that is to be installed are (i.e. ground = black, yellow = battery). I do not know which wire to attach in aftermarket stereo's wires to in order to make it work and not cause damage to the stereo or the truck.Thank you for your time and consideration. This has been driving me crazy!Cheers-

How do you install an after market stereo in a 1989 Acura Legend?

How do you install an after market stereo in a 1989 acura legend?

How do you install a CD player in a 1995 Nissan bluebird?

The Factory radio for the 1997 Nissan Maxima was a capable stereo for its time . Now they have made aftermarket stereo CD players which has more power and also other features which weren't available in the late 1990's . Here's a site you could check out : How to Install an Aftermarket CD Player Into a 97 Nissan Maxima |

What is the Wiring diagrams for 1990 Nissan pathfinder car stereo?

Go to Google and type in "The Install DOctor". Go to the install doctor car stereo installations link and then once your on the site go to "quick radio wiring info". The wiring diagram is there. All color coded and in detail.

How do you install an aftermarket stereo in a ranger?

Check with They can provide step by step diagrams of how to install your new stereo.

Can you install an amplifier to a factory 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee stereo?

yes , you need the converter from high to low, found at walmart, connect to speakers, if have factory amp install before the amp

Color codes for wiring on factory stereo on 2008 Nissan Sentra?

color codes for wiring on factory stereo on 2008 Nissan sentra?

Can car stereos play music from a synched mp3 player?

It is possible to link an mp3 player to a car stereo, depending on what stereo you install. Some stereos will connect through an auxiliary port and others are able to connect different ways, it also depends on how old your mp3 player is.

Stereo install BMW?

Attached the wiring harness and the antenna cable to the back of your stereo. Slide the stereo into the stereo slot. Tighten the stereo with the stereo retaining screws.

What wire is needed to connect a laptop to stereo speakers?

A cable wire that looks like a Y is needed to connect a laptop to a stereo. This cable allows you to use the single output jack on the laptop to connect to the left and right inputs on the stereo.

What is stereo audio input?

That would be where you connect anything with a STEREO AUDIO OUTPUT.

Where is air bag module on a 03 Nissan altima?

It is located in the center console, underneath the stereo area. I sent my original module to a company i found on google - They reset it for $55 and shipped back to me for free!