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I found help with the color-coded wiring for my 1992 Silverado at the site in the Related Links.

For 1992 k1500

-Remove old radio above Temperate controls.

-Remove Tape deck/vent housing.

-Reach or fish factory wire harness and antenna from where the old radio unit was and bring it to where the old tape deck was.

-Connect the new wire harness and antenna extender to the old one coming from where the tape deck used to be.

-Connect wires from harness to wires on your CD player harness or other unit (usually color coded)

-Connect antenna.

-Turn on make sure everything works.

-Install Pocket above temp controls.

-Install after market vent/CD mount


Basically stereo installation is the same for almost any vehical.

There are 3 main wires you need to worry about in addition to the speaker wires...

Stereo side: -Red = Main 12V supply to radio, gets connected to the red wire. This is switched on/off by the ignition with the key. -Black = Ground wire typically goes to black wire on Car side -Yellow = This is a constand low power 12V connection that keeps presets and time while ignition is off

Car side: Typically the late model cars/trucks have wire harnesses that have molex connectors that fit the factory stereo. You can either go to your local electronics store/stereo store and get a wire harness kit for your make/model. This will plug right into the factory connector and have loos, clearly marked wires out the other side that connect directly to your stereo.

Hope that helps!

i have a 94 and if they are the same then you have to plug the wiring harness into the "brain" below the dash if you are good with pulling wires then it should go fairly smoothly.

red and red together yellow and yellow together speaker wires youre done

This is the same as i just posted for the 1990, they years didnt change

First off, if you want to do it yourself here is a list of what you have to have:

* CD Player

* You need the plastic piece that replaces the vents and small cubby hole in the center of your dash, this will be the new loaction of your CD player, it will have an opening in the where the cubby hole used to be that the CD player will fit in. (can be found at any electronics store)

* Wiring Connector (can be bought at Walmart or any car audio store)

* You will also need an antenna adapter (it should come with the wiring connector, but it might not.

  • There is a piece that fills the hole of the old stereo that is highly recommended but not required just depends if you care if there is a large gapping hole in your dash

    To Install it: 1st reach under the dash and look for a silver (looks almost like an amp) box with a wired plug coming out of the bottom. These are all of the wires that go to your factory stereo. after unplugging it you can easily remove the factory stereo.

    Remove the silver box, there is only 1 screw holding it in and it is directly on the bottom. After you remove it, there will be a connector on the top of it which will plug into your Wiring Connector that you should have bought earlier. The antenna wire also plugs into the top of this silver box. After all this the factory stereo should be completely un-installed (no cutting of any wires should have been required)

    Next you should take off the piece of plastic that contains the center vents and cubby hole. It is easy to pry with the glove box door open. There are 2 bottom clips that are to be pryed out and the top 2 slide out the bottom. Now you can reroute the set of wires and the antenna wire to the new location of the stereo, this may be kind of tough. Take the Wiring connector you bought and the wiring connector that came with the stereo and crimp all the appropriate wires together using splice connectors and a crimping tool...they should be the same color, but check the instructions that came with the CD player and wiring connector to be sure. After that the connections should slide togethor and the CD player should turn on with the key on. The rest you should be able to figure out since it is only mounting the CD player in the new plastic piece which is very straight forward.

    You will have a hole where the factory stereo used to be, stores like crutchfield and other audio shops have a piece that fits in there as a cubby hole.

    All of the things needed for this project can be bought at, you might be able to get all of it from stores like best buy, or walmart. A friend and I just did this last night and we bought everything from walmart, however they didnt have the piece where the old stereo used to be.

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Q: How do you install a stereo into a 1992 Chevy Silverado?
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