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Very simple. All you need is a phillips screwdriver, a small socket set, and a large socket set, or steering wheel removal set. just remove the screws on the back of the steering wheel, pop it off, disconnect the horn (and cruise control) wires, use a large socket (or steering wheel removal set) to take off the steering wheel. The turn signal switch is right behind the steering wheel. Screw off the turn signal "stick" and find every little screw and remove the ones holding the large white plastic piece in place, now disconnect the gray connector that is just above your brake pedal in order to slide your wiring in the steering column. I just cut the wires, because the connector doesn't slide up through. If your worried about cutting wires then you have to disassemble the entire steering column in order to make it fit. anyway, once the wires are cut you can now pull the entire switch off and wires up through. Now, install the new switch in the opposite manner, reconnect all the wires and steering wheel, and vuala! A new turn signal switch!

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Q: How do you install a turn signal switch in a 1990 ford f-250?
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