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If it is like a 99, just remove the plastic panel behind the spare tire on the drivers side in the back. In one of the cut-outs you will see connector plugs that connect the harness to the tail lights. Good luck.

go behind the spare tire, there is a panel that has to be removed. You will see some black connectors in there. You can by a wiring harrness that will plug into there without any cutting of the factory wiring harness. These work fantasic, as I have one in my 2001 Cherokee. this is very easy to do has the new harness plugs right into the vehicles. You can find this wiring harness at Walmart or any parts store it is made by Hoppe. Good luck and I hope I helped you. Semper Fi

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Q: How do you install a wiring harness for a trailer hitch on a 1997 Jeep Cherokee that has no exposed wires whatsoever under the rear bumper?
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Just get a wiring harness form e-trailer for about $30 it is easy to install has instructions with it. Wayne

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How do you install a wiring harness for a trailer hitch on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee that has no exposed wires whatsoever under the rear bumper?

The trailer wiring kit is available from Jeep at about $125 and plugs into a wiring connector accessible through a panel in the left rear (inside) fender panel (behind the spare tire, near the left rear turn signal) with the trailer wiring harness routed through a grommet in the bottom of the compartment

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How do you install a wiring harness for a trailer hitch on a 2003 Jeep Cherokee?

you have to remove the back driver trim in the back of the will find a green plug, the aftermarket wiring will plug into that.......................good luck

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