How do you install the motor for the electric window on the drivers side of a 2000 Kia Sportage?

i am assuming from your question you already have the door panel off. Sooo, the motor is part of the window regulator assembly. Now some are bolted on, some welded, and some riveted. You will have to drill thru the welds or rivets to remove motor. Once old motor is out go to hardware store and get some bolts,washers, lock washers and nuts to remount new motor. some kia sportages won,t let you do any of the above, you have to replace the whole motor cable assembly as a unit. If this is what your facing google the internet ,there are several window reulator companies and the pricing varies from $ 55.00 to $ 300.00. also there is a left and a right and NO they will not swap. I this is the method you have to use have a buddy to hold glass up while you change out unit. hope this helps.