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How do you know what's wrong if your truck clicks when you try to start it then it finally starts?

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Bad solenoid, or bad ign switch.

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Why wont my truck start it only clicks?

Check your battery, it might be dead.

Your 1993 ford explorer xlt wont start it clicks at the fuse box?

crawl under truck and tap the starter with a hammer crawl under truck and tap the starter with a hammer

1990 Toyota pickup truck has problems starting sometimes It clicks and then when it finally starts up it runs sluggish unless you rev the motor Y?

the clicking, when first starting, could be either the starter getting bad or the cylinoid. the sluggishness when it finally starts can be a couple things. clogged fuel filter, or could need a tune up. maybe next fill-up put some fuel injector cleaner in your tank.

Truck clicks once but wont start?

Look for a loose or corroded battery cable connection or a faulty starter solenoid/relay switch.

88 Chevy truck just clicks when trying to start?

Weak battery or bad starter solenoid. Possibly a bad battery cable or corroded connection.

What is another word for truck that starts with a c?

Car is another word for truck that starts with a "c".

Why does loaded truck start more slowly than an empty truck?

becoz loaded truck has got more weight than the empty truck.....so becoz of which loaded truck has got more friction in tyres compared to empty truck...this may the reason why loaded truck starts slow than the empty truck

Truck won't start everytime----then catches and starts could it be the flywheel out of sync?

Buy you saying it then catches and starts makes it sounds more like a bad starter solinoid.

How does auto start work on a 2008 Chevy truck?

On your key less entry fob hit the lock button then hold down the 3rd button at the top until the truck starts, about 10 seconds.

When your switch that starts the truck go bad will the truck turn off or engine die?

That is call an ignition switch, And yes it can make the engine die and not even start. It can cause all kinds of problems.

What do you use to start a fire engine?

A fire engine starts in much the same manner as any other motor vehicle. Probably more like a truck, but hey, it's a truck chassis with the pump, tank and whatever else built onto it. Why wouldn't it start like a truck? On the inside, at least, a fire engine is just a truck with the "fire stuff" added on.

What can cause a truck to not start?

A dead battery is the most common cause for a truck not to start. Corroded battery cables is the second most common cause for a truck not to start.

When does Chevy truck month happen?

Chevy Truck Month starts 9.23 and goes to 10.31

1996 Doge ram truck will not start when it is hot?

1996 doge ram truck will not start when it is hot?

How many NASCAR races has Jimmie Johnson been in?

Jimmie Johnson has 435 Sprint Cup Series starts, 93 Nationwide Series starts, and 1 Camping World Truck series start.

How expensive is it to start your own tow truck business?

Starting your own tow truck company can be fairly inexpensive if you start out slow. You can start with one truck and build on that as you make more money.

Do you leave truck plugged in after truck is running?

No. You unplug the block heater BEFORE you start the truck.

What does the clutch start cancel button do on a 1992 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 and how do you use it?

The clutch start cancel button will eliminate the need to press the clutch in to start the truck. This is useful in mostly offroad situations where pushing in the clutch to start the truck might allow the truck to roll from a precarious position such as off of a rock or back down a hill. You are starting the truck "in gear" so that there is no jerky movements with engaging the clutch. This works best when in the transfer case is in Low. The front hubs should also be locked. To use when on a steep hill or crawling over rocks: * keep your foot on the brake. * press the clutch start cancel button. * turn the key to start the truck. * as the truck begins to move, ease up on the brake to allow the truck to move forward and start. * as the truck starts apply the accelerator pedal as needed to keep you going and prevent stalling. * If you stall it's OK, just keep using the clutch start cancel button until you are out of the situation

How much does it cost to start a food truck business?

It costs about $100,000 to $300,00 to start a food truck business.

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