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How do you line the timing belt pulleys for a 1994 Dodge colt?

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July 15, 2015 8:00PM

I'm assuming this is the Mitsubishi 1.5. There is a dot cast

into the cam gear that has to align with a triangular pointer cast

into the head. The hard part comes in lining them up properly; the

engine is below fender level, so you can't eyeball it. You'll have

to use a small mirror. Another method is to straighten out a

paperclip and use it to line up the correct gear tooth against the

cast marker on the head. It shouldn't need to be said that the #1

cylinder (which is the one closest to the timing belt end of the

engine) must be at TDC (although on this engine #1 and #4 will both

be at TDC simultaneously).

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