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How do you lose belly fat and gain muscle?

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The best way of losing belly fitness_health21hfat is by doing situps. Iโ€™ve been doing it and it has worked greatly for me. Sometimes I do jugging as well. for more info visit this link on how to shed out excess fats from trouble spot areas of the body Belly Fat Melting Powers With The Red Tea Detox

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Use protein, creatine phosphate and fat burners

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How can you gain muscle rather than fat?

well if you want to gain muscle is to work out and you don't lose fat

Can you lose muscle by working out?

No, by working out you are loosing fat when most of the fat is gone you will start to gain muscle.

Can core muscles exercise help you lose belly fat?

When you have more energy, you'll be able to lift heavier weights and get more muscle-building benefits, which will help you, burn fat. TheSlimCo provide the Quick Tips to Lose Belly Fat.

Do you gain weight before you lose it?

It depends if you get fat then go on a diet, or if you lift weights, you gain muscle,and muscle weighs more than fat.

Is it better to be fat or skinny when doing weights?

it doesnt matter because if your fat, you lose weight and gain muscle with weights and if your skinny, you gain muscle

How do I lose and gain weight and muscle?

Maintaining a high protein low fat diet with a good exercise plan will help you to gain muscle but lose fat. This is what most people do in order to achieve just what you want.

Why do you lose muscle when you lose weight?

Your body cannot use all energy sources from fat reserves it just cannot happen! When you bulk you gain fat, when you decrease calories you lose fat and small amounts of muscle

I need help losing some belly fat and replacing it with muscle What are some exercises to help me with that problem?

Sit up is an example of exercise that you can do in order to lose some belly fat and replace it with muscle.

Can you turn belly fat into muscle?

No, fat do not turned into muscle. What you want to do is to lose the fat by doing cardio exercises, so that the fat doesn't cover up your muscle. Then you could do some weight resistance training to increase muscle size :)

Can you lose weight when using a treadmill or just gain muscle?

you can lose weight along with gaining muscle. it just takes longer to lose weight than to gain muscle

How do you gain belly fat?

You gain belly fat if you eat to much food ( especially junk food)

I would like to lose fat, but not muscle. How can I do this easily?

If you want to lose fat and not gain muscle you should try light cardio throught out the day. You will burn more calories than you take in, and that burns fat.

How do you lose fat and gain muscle mass?

A combination of cardiovascular exercise and weight training.

Can you gain back 10 pounds in muscle if your trying to lose weight?

yes, just remember that if you lose fat, but gain muscle, you can actually gain weight because muscle weighs more than fat. But people that have more muscle also have faster metabolisms, which allows you to burn off more calories, therefore decreasing the amount of fat that the body stores, allowing you to shed those unwanted pounds of fat.

Is it easier to gain muscle from fat?

It's impossible to gain muscle from fat. You get muscle from heavy exercises and protein :>

Do you usually gain or lose weight lifting weights?

This depends on the person and the kind of weight lifting you do. The short answer however is that lifting weights should help you to lose fat and gain muscle. If you are lifting heavily in order to gain muscle mass, you will gain weight. However, if you are lifting to get lean muscle, it should help to lose weight.

Can you take hydroxycut and protein shakes at the same time while working out i am trying to lose fat but gain muscle?

Yes, you can take these both at the same time. Protein will not add to any sort of fat gain but will help you gain muscle.

How do you loose fat but not gain muscle?

Great way to lose belly fat but not gain muscle is to walk fast. Do this for 10 minutes every day, and make sure one foot is always on the ground.Another way is to do stretching exercises, especially in the morning and before you go to bed. Do ones that mainly involve the movement of the upper body.

If you build muscle under belly fat will you be able to lose that belly fat?

No, you'll just have a bulkier stomach then, with the outline of the muscle, pushing through the fat that is still there, it's all about calories, burning more than you take in, theres no way around it, you must do cardio.

Can you lose belly fat taking relicore pills?

Yes, apparently you can lose belly fat by taking Relacore pills. The pills work by elevating your mood and helps to fight stress-related weight gain around the stomach area.

How can you get rid of belly fat to impress a girl?

when you wake up in the morning, do as many push ups and sit ups as you can, and soon you will lose body fat but gain weight from the muscle. GIRLS LOVE IT. take it from me, I'm 13 and can lift 150 pounds.

How do you lose muscle in your legs without gaining weight?

Stop exercising them. The muscle will atrophy. (Also, you'll probably lose weight rather than gain it; muscle is more dense than fat.)

Will a weight machine help you lose weight?

Yes if you use it every day but you can gain some to in the way of muscle it will help you lose fat.

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