How do you make a ntsc lcd tv to work in India?

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India uses the PAL color standard, in line with the UK and most of Europe. NTSC is an incompatible color encoding system used across North America. As well as color encoding differences, NTSC televisions normally operate ar 60Hz while PAL models are designed to run at 50Hz field rate. Many modern televisions will handle both PAL and NTSC but the tuners are still likely to be different. It is best to assume that a North American television will not work in India. Standards converters can be used to convert a PAL signal to NTSC but they tend to be either poor quality or very expensive. Normally, it will be far cheaper to obtain a PAL TV intended to be used in India than try to convert signals. Even with converters, the tuner is still unlikely to work properly.
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How does an LCD television work?

Answer . \nEach pixel consists of a column of liquid crystal molecules suspended between two transparent electrodes, and two polarizing filters, the axes of polarity of which are perpendicular to each other. Without the liquid crystals between them, light passing through one would be blocked by t ( Full Answer )

How does a lcd tv work?

In a LCD TV, liquid crystals are sandwiched between two transparent electrodes and two polarizing filters. In other words, liquid crystals (most often in nematic phase) are packed between two glass plates. Two grids of electrodes (one is horizontally aligned and another is vertically aligned) contac ( Full Answer )

Why lcd did not work as a tv?

Not sure what you are asking here. You can buy a LCD television in just about any consumer electronics stores. If you are talking about the LCD's monitors that would be for your computer then its simple. Most of them do not have a tuner. You "can" still watch TV on them though. You need a buy a TV t ( Full Answer )

Can I use an NTSC PlayStation 2 game on my PAL PlayStation 2 console and multiregion tv which works in ntsc pal and secam regions?

To play ntsc games on a pal console you need to overide the consoles security, for this you can just buy magic swap DVD with the slide tool. You can buy swap magic from here. Swap Magic is also capable of booting "burnt" ga ( Full Answer )

Can you use a ntsc tv on a pal system?

No, an NTSC telelvision will not display PAL signals properly. However, many modern telelvisions are multi standard and will show either PAL or NTSC signals. In these cases, using a PAL DVD output, for example, will work but note that there are potential problems with broadcast signals.. Far fewer ( Full Answer )

Can a European lcd tv display reproduce an ntsc video signal?

NTSC is the North American color encoding standard while PAL is the European color encoding standard. Older televisions, non LCD or plasma screens, generally would not be able to decode NTSC color although many would do their best to display a monochrome image. The latest generation of LCD and p ( Full Answer )

Will an LCD TV 50 Hz work in a country in which the power supply is 60 Hz?

What does the TV's nameplate say?. If it says 120v/60Hz it is designed for use on the US/Canada power system, and will only work in countries elsewhere in the world which use that same system.. If it says 240v/50Hz it is designed for use on the European power system and will only work in countries ( Full Answer )

How you convert ntsc tv to secam?

There are such devices as `television standards' converters used for that very purpose. And since the television industry is going all digital, it probably won't be long before you can get a used one on Ebay or through some other broadcast equipment supplier.\n. \nOne of the other ways, is by usi ( Full Answer )

Who makes Samsung LCD TVs?

Samsung, for the most part. That doesn't mean they don't use circuit boards from other manufacturers for some of their sets. It's a matter of economics.

Who makes Dynex LCD TVs?

Best Buy offers two brands at their stores: Dynex and Insignia. Both are apparently manufactored by LG but while Insignia is made to compete with the more known brands: Sharp, Sony, Samsung, etc. - Dynex is made to be inexpensive.

Will your American made lcd tv work in the UK?

There are several factors that need to be taken into account.\n. \nFirst, North America uses 110V while Europe is based on 230V power supplies. Many products will operate on any voltage between 100 - 260V but American products often are restricted to 110V. The only way to find out is to read the ( Full Answer )

Can old TVs play ntsc game?

Without more information it's difficult to answer your question.\n. \nIt really depends on the output connector type on the video game and whether or not the TV has a matching type of connector, or whether or not there's an adapter available to make the video game usable.

Who makes element LCD tv?

Circut City makes element lcd tv's..... Idk I just kno dat they sell them there

What is ntsc on tv mean?

`NTSC' is the acronym for the National Technical Standards Committee. That was the group that got together and standardized the TV signals for the United States so that TV stations would be compatible anywhere in the country.\n. \nOf course, we `older TV technicians from the vacuum tube days' used ( Full Answer )

What wireless USB network dongle will work with a Samsung LCD TV?

D-link dwa-140 should work fine. Last time i checked, they were around $20-$25 on ebay, which is a lot cheaper that the samsung rip-off dongle (which in essence, is nothing but a re-badged DWA-140!). Make sure you check the version of the D-link DWA-140 before you buy. I bought the B2 ver 1.71 a ( Full Answer )

Will Nintendo 64 work on LCD TV?

If your lcd is a newer tv, then most of the time, the 64's will not work with the video ins. Some of the older lcd's can run 64 but your best bet is just running it on an older tv.

Does avi files work on lcd tv?

The problem depends on how you are getting the video into the TV. If you are burning the video file to a DVD disc then most DVD players will not recognise the AVI file and it will have to be converted to a DVD friendly MPEG format so that it can be viewed on a TV.

LCD TV sound works but screen is black?

There are several things that can cause a lcd tv to have sound but no picture. If the backlight of the lcd panel comes on momentarily when first turned on, the problem is most likely caused by defective backlights which are part of the lcd panel. If there is no backlight when first turned on problem ( Full Answer )

How make a wall mount for LCD TV?

I would buy a ready made one. Unless you are an excellent handyman, this could be troublesome. It has to support a certain weight and be able to tilt etc.

Is NTSC TV and HD TV the same?

No, they are different things. NTSC is the color encoding process used in North America for standard definition video signals. In Europe, a similar encoding system called PAL is used for standard definition video. HD video is never encoded into a single signal and therefore neither NTSC nor PAL pl ( Full Answer )

Who makes Curtis LCD TVs?

Curtis International, an electronics company in Toronto, Canada. They sell then sometimes at Walmart. Or you can get them online at or some other websites.

What is a LED TV and a LCD TV?

A LED tv is a LCD tv with LED backlighting. non led lcds have CFL backlighting or such (compact fluorescent LED tv's are different because they can be thinner and have a more dynamic brightness range (in general). The LCD means liquid crystal display and is just a type of display (opposi ( Full Answer )

Does a PC monitor work the same as LCD tv?

Computer LCD displays operate in a very similar way to LCD televisions. The input signals are normally different to those available on a television but otherwise, the technologies used are the same for both.

Why is lcd TV called lcd TV?

LCD stands for Liquid Cristal Display. It's the type of TV screen they use, as opposed to old tube screens of old days.

Who makes a LCD TV with front facing speakers?

Samsung has an "LN" class with speakers on the front. I've been keeping an eye on the LN19C350 model myself(the number after the LN is the width in inches).

Does Samsung make large LCD televisions?

Samsung makes large LCD television. A "large" television would be considered a television greater than or equal to 46 inches in diagonal measurement.

What companies make an lcd tv DVD combo?

Quite a few companies make LCD TVs with built in DVDs, but most of them are sized to be portable. Toshiba, Sanyo, and Haier all make well reviewed models.

What makes LCD TVs better than plasma screen televisions?

LCD screen TVs are brighter than plasm screen TVs which is very good to place in a room with a lot of light. Some LCD TVs have the option to create more dramatic looking contrast levels. Also very good about LCD TVs are that they weight less for easier transport and use way less electricity

Can ntsc TV work in India?

NTSC is the North American television standard for color encoding. India uses PAL, the British color encoding standard. The two are not compatible and to use an NTSC television with Indian signals will normally require a signal transcoder to convert the color information from one to the other.. S ( Full Answer )

What is the working principle of LCD and LED TVs?

The working principles of LCD and LED TVs is basically the same, asboth types have layers of glass through which liquid crystals canboth block and pass light. The main difference between the twotypes of technology are that LCDs use fluorescent lights and LEDsuse light emitting diodes.

Which brand makes the best 32 inch LCD TV?

The answer to this question depends on consumer preference, but some of the highest rated 32 inch LCD TVs come from Vizio, Toshiba, Samsung, and Sony.