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Break up with him, that will make him realize how serious his behaviour is. You should not be with him if he is abusive, that only encourages his behaviour. He will think, "well, she is still with me so I can't be that bad."

recording him

What is he doing that is Abusive --- Not all Abusive behaviours necessitate breaking up a relationship.

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Q: How do you make your boyfriend realize what he's doing by both emotionally and verbally abusing you?
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What does a 11 year old girl do when her boyfriend fancies her best friend?

realize he isn't a good boyfriend and dump him

Why a woman will not express her love verbally?

If she really loves you she should have no problems expressing her love verbally. I realize some people have walls, are afraid to "let go" and trust, etc. but when you really love someone it is extremely difficult NOT to tell them.

How can a Scorpio man prove he loves you?

He has to be emotionally mature, and he has to realize that TRUST is more important in relationships than sex.

What do you do if you break up with your boyfriend but you realize that you still love him?

You tell him how you feel

What can a person do if they are being abusive?

If you realize that you are being abusive, whether verbally or physically, it is imperative that you seek help from a professional to find out why you are,, you are already on your way by admitting to it.

What to do if you do something embrassing when your with your boyfriend?

Just laugh it off. The best thing to do is be comfortablearound your boyfriend. He will realize that it was a mistake and laugh with you. Don't be embarrassed around him.

How do you get your girlfriend to realize her abuse on you?

If your girlfriend is abusing you, she may have a heard time recognizing it. However, you can both see a therapist so that you can explain to both that she is abusive and the therapist can help her.

What do you do when you want a boyfriend but don't at the same time?

Seduce him make him want you then you will realize how fun boys can really be.

What could you write to boyfriend to end relationship so he would realize it is his loss?

Being honest is enough.

What do dreams of your ex boyfriend mean?

probabaly because you still have feelings for him, even if you do not realize them while you are awake.

How can you get a guy to hang out with his girlfriend?

Dont make him. If he is smart and responsible enough to be a boyfriend he will realize what his job is. To be with his girlfriend.

When did people realize the animal abusing is wrong?

Um l think this is right but l have no clue though. I think when people realize animal abusing is wrong is when the animal cries and the abusers stop and think what they are trying to say and maybe they would realize that it's wrong it abuse animals and doing such horrible things to their own pets and the wild animals, etc... l think this grammar is kind of bad because I'm only grade 6 :) Please check it and find if it's the right answer =] If you do, please add this contact and send the information

What does it mean when your boyfriend cheats on you with your mum?

Assuming the question refers to a DREAM of your boyfriend cheating on you with your mum, it means that you have some very serious doubts about this boyfriend. At the very least, it means that at some level of your mind you realize that your boyfriend may be more interested in your mother than he is in you.

Is it wrong to be friends with your ex-boyfriend?

No it is not wrong but you must respect one anothers boundaries, realize there are no attachments except the friendship and don't go over those boundaries.

Is your boyfriend sleeping around?

ANSWER: If you think your boyfriend is doing something that made you realize acting funny, then he might, but what you need to do is talk to him bluntly. Ask him what bothers you and tell him what he needs to know.

What is a controlling boyfriend?

A controlling boyfriend can tell you when you can go out; if you can go out with girlfriends; may want to know everything you do during the course of the day; take control of where the two of you will go when together; may tell you how to dress and act; may be jealous of other young men around you; could be verbally abusive to you by telling you that you are less than you are such as you are not pretty; you're fat, etc. You have to realize you are in control of your own destiny and if your boyfriend is controlling you in negative ways then break up with him as soon as possible as it will only get worse. If you do not respect yourself, then no one else will respect you. You deserve better!

How do you get your boyfriend to realize you need him?

you get him to know he needs you when you leave for a couple days and dont answer his calls and he will worry that when he will know he needs you

What to do if you break up with your boyfriend then get back together?

Don't get too awkward. Realize the mistake you or him made and don't do it again.

How do get a girl to leave her boyfriend for you?

Show her that your better than her boyfriend, and if that doesn't work, kill her boyfriend and be there for her while she's still emotional over it, either she will fall in love with you, or you'll realize how terrible she looks when she cries and you'll fall out of love with her.

How do you break a relationship if you love the guy?

In the first place, why would you break up with him if you love him? It is not really good to break up if you still love the guy, not unless if he is abusing you either physically or emotionally. Do you really love him or you are just used that he is around or you are just attached to him? Think of the things you want to do. Is it really worthy / necessary to have a break up. Don't rush things, think of it over and over again until you realize the best thing to do.

I had a dream that my boyfriend cheated on me with my best mate and i walked in on them?

We all have dreams like this. Realize that it's just a dream and relax.

What are ways to say sorry?

verbally admit to what you did wrong and why you know it was wrong. make a gesture that shows that you realize you are in the wrong and are actually going to make the effort not to repeat the mistake (this will be different for every person/instance).

How do you get a girl who is emotionally hurt to realize you really do love her?

By sticking with her and listening when she wants to talk, not trying to give advice, but just listening. It will take time for her to learn to trust again, but if you are patient, she can.

How do you get your ex boyfriend to realize he still wants you?

he treats you better than he did when he left you and he changed who he is and how he is. he's more nicer to you and he still LOVES you for who you are.

Why does my boyfriend let me down and not his friends?

Maybe your boyfriend doesn't realize he's letting you down, or maybe he doesn't respect you as much as he should. Consider talking to him about how you're feeling. Communication is vital to any relationship.