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I take it that you only meant the engine oil not the transmission. (Transmission Fluid level is really messy/fiddly and I recommend that you read the procedure outlined by ZF before you try it yourself). Engine oil level ... open the hood and look around for a small yellow (or orange) coloured plastic loop about an inch in diameter. It will be poking up between the plastic inlet manifold pipes. Pull up gently on this, yes, you can actually break Wipe the residual oil off the dipstick with a lint-free rag or paper towel and re-insert and withdraw. The oil should be at the upper mark. Add oil as necessary to bring the oil up to the recommended level, but don't get impatient and over-fill. (The oil filler cap is located in the middle of the plastic cowl covering the engine). The filler cap is often tight but it releases by a quarter turn anti-clockwise. If the dipstick or the funnel into which it fits are damaged replace them both to avoid constant oil loss. Check the oil cold with the vehicle parked on a level surface. Top up with a recent SAE/API specification oil appropriate for your season/location. (I think that this would be SJ or later, check with your lube vendor).

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Q: How do you measure the oil level in a VW Passat?
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