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Differences between spikes and molded cleats?

'Spike' cleats have metal on the bottom. 'Molded' cleats are usually hard rubber.

Where can I find custom molded rubber companies online?

There are several custom molded rubber companies. A search engine can be used to find a listing and reviews of custom molded rubber companies.

Where is the code reader plug in on a 2001 maxima?

The OBD II connection port is located underneath the steering column. On the driver side there is a small rectangular opening with a white 16 pin connector at the bottom of the molded plastic of the console.

What are possible causes why coolant drips from the bottom of the oil pan when the engine is running?

There is a plastic cooling system housing on the passenger side top of the engine. There are three hoses (radiator hose, heater hose and overflow reservoir hose. All different sizes.) connected to this housing and an electrical connection. This part is molded in two separate pieces then heat welded together. Because of the way it is designed it is practically guaranteed to fail. It is common for this part to develop a slight seepage between the two molded parts which will run down the back side of the engine almost unnoticed and drip from the oil pan. If this is the case you will find scaling and lime deposits around the bottom portion of the part toward the intake manifold.

Where is the oil filter on a 2007 Saab 93 located?

On the 2.0turbo, it is under the engine cover. Remove the three torx bolts and the plastic will come off. Look to the right of the engine towards the front of the car and you will see a large plastic circle with a nut molded in it. The filter is inside that. See the video for more info at:

Who molded James Madison's character?

no one molded James madisons character

What mountains form by molded materials?

Volcanic mountains are formed by molded material

What is the lightest molded football cleat?

The cleats are molded to the sole of the shoe. Not the screw in type

Where can I get quotes online for custom molded rubber?

Rader Products is a company that offers quotes online for custom molded rubber as well as plastic and molded urethane. You can get Custom Molded Rubber Products by Da/Pro Rubber. Get a quote from them at

Why do you see coolant leaking on top of your engine?

Some engines have coolant passages molded into the intake which is mounted high on the engine. Some engines have the thermstat housing positioned high on the engine. These are two potential origins of the leak. Dry the liquid off the engine and run the engine while looking for the source of the leak.

2002 Jeep Cherokee won't stay running?

I originally thought it was a sensor, but after CARFEFUL examination I saw a molded u-shaped vacum hose that had dried out and split on the back side. This solved my problem. when looking at the engine the u-shaped molded vacum line is near the right rear of the engine compartment. I truly hope this helps someone, it was driving me crazy.

Cite an example of an injected-molded product?

Give an example of an injected-molded product.

Where can I buy frp molded grating?

Here is a list of a bunch of suppliers that can hook you up with some FRP molded grating: .

Where is the jack in an Isuzu Rodeo?

in the 1996 it is rear cargo area on the driver side, there is a small hatch in the molded plastic on the sidewall that has a "dial" you turn to bring the panel out, it will be in there. it is a small scissor jack

Is a xylophone molded or carved?

It depends on the material. Wooden xylophones are carved, while synthetic ones are molded.

What rhymes with folded?


What to do if walnut molded?

Well..... You should throw it away ...... Don't eat anything that's molded unless you like to.....

What are the important people or events that molded the character of Bill Clinton?

Important people or events that molded bill clinton

What services does the company Molded Plastic Industries provide?

The company Molded Plastic Industries offer a variety of solutions for molded and plastic thermoforming services needed for industry. Examples included composite thermoplastics.

Where is the oil filter located on a 2004 Saturn Ion?

To locate and change the oil filter: It is on the front-right side of the engine block (about 8 inches from the front of the engine). Molded to the engine block. Black plastic rounded cap with a hex 32 mm or 1 1/4

Where is the inside hood release latch on a 2000 ford focus?

Bottom left side of the drivers side dashboard. The pull handle is molded to look like its part of the lower lip of the dashboard.

What can you do on the science project?

molded bread

The ability to be molded into shapes?


Where are metals formed and molded?


Is cheese molded milk?

yes and no

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